The Launch Of Spray Foam Pro Saves Winnipeg Homeowners Hundreds While Helping the Environment

As temperature fluctuations continue to become more extreme, proper and effective insulation is becoming a necessity. Here to provide just that is Spray Foam Pro with phenomenal service. 


September 22, 2016 – Just looking at the historical data in Winnipeg, Manitoba, it is clear that the Canadian climate is becoming increasingly intense, as The Government of Canada reports temperatures ranging from -45.0 to 40.6 degrees celsius.(1) As a result, any inefficiency in insulation can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars in temperature control expenses. Here to provide power insulation is the opening of the Spray Foam Pro office in Winnipeg, supplying a team of insulation installation experts.


What makes spray foam insulation unique is its advantages in cost, environmental friendliness, and mold protection. By combining polyurethane and isocyanate, an airtight seal of foam is created. This foam forming process is perfect as its expansive nature fills every crack, preventing any leak of unwanted temperature. To augment this seal is the low permeability of the foam, halting the passage of even the smallest particles of both outside air an unwanted water. As a side benefit, the foam is composed of a mold-deterring polymer to keep air quality high. What’s more is the insulation provided by Spray Foam Pro is incredibly durable, lasting upwards of two decades. Today, this amazing service is made affordable by the launch of Spray Foam Pro and their first office opening in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With years of experience in the field of home renovations and spray foam insulation, the staff at Spray Foam Pro are able to get the job done like no other team can.

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