Attorneys Are Important; Even at a Municipal Level

Some may find themselves on the wrong side of the law at some point in their life. If this occurs, depending on the nature of the offense, they may want to hire an attorney to help them fight their case. The most common offenses occur in Municipal court, which handles cases at a local level. With criminal cases in municipal court, some of the offenses include; theft, trespassing, simple assault, and drug possession. When faced with any of these types of cases, an attorney to fight for your rights would be very beneficial. Each state has its own laws pertaining to different offenses and in Westwood, New Jersey; the Law Firm of Walter K. Schreyer ( will treat each case with care and fight for the best outcome possible.

The Laws in New Jersey

When an attorney is licensed to practice, they are generally licensed in specific states. This means that they will know the specific laws in the state that they are licensed to practice in. In New Jersey, theft is described as the “unlawful taking” of someone else’s property. The charge that comes along with the theft depends on the value of what is taken. In regards to trespassing, which is much like burglary, as it is an “unlawful entry” into someone else’s property; it is less serious. This is because the person did not enter the property with the intent to commit a crime. In New Jersey, simple assault can occur in three different ways. First, if the offender attempts to or actual causes another to suffer injury, they are committing simple assault. Second, if the offender is negligent and another is injured, the offense is considered simple assault. Lastly, an offender can merely cause another to be in fear of serious injury and a simple assault charge can be filed. One of the most common forms of offense is drug possession which has come about as the use of drugs has become more common in recent years. The type of charge will depend greatly on the type of drug and the amount of the drug the person has in their possession. All of these crimes can carry serious outcomes, however this is more of a case to case basis as each offense is different from another.

The Need for an Attorney

No matter which type of municipal case a person has, the use of an attorney can greatly affect the outcome. This is because an attorney is knowledgeable in the law and what rights each person has to correctly fight the case. Also, the attorney will know how to speak for the offender to not incriminate them. They can gather the evidence and provide legal defense that can dramatically change what happens during a case in municipal court. Anyone that finds themselves in this type of situation should always look to an attorney for assistance, as they know what to look for to provide the best defense.

Cases in municipal, while only at the local level, can still become very serious and having an attorney can greatly increase the chance that the offender will not have to do jail time behind the crime they are accused of.