DeSAT Offers On-line Active Shooter Training Course

Active shooter training course

DeSAT Offers On-line Active Shooter Training Course. In conjunction with their SAFER video and on-site courses, DeSAT announced a ground-breaking on-line Active Shooter Preparedness training program.

Delta Situational Awareness Training, popularly known as DeSAT, has developed the SAFER-3 Active Shooter Training Program to help others use best practices to prepare for an Active Shooter event. This latest on-line course is designed to offer corporate, school, government, healthcare and individuals a complete program to train at their convenience.
Christopher Pessinis, CEO of DeSAT, said, “The ongoing requests from our clients and the general public made it abundantly clear that there is a real need for accessible, affordable training on what to do in these scenarios. DeSAT is now offering our complete SAFER-3 active shooter course on-line. This means that anyone who has access to the internet can train, using nationally recognized best-practices anywhere that there is an internet connection. Our SAFER programs are an easy to remember and easy to implement training regimen for individuals and organizations of all sizes. SAFER’s acronym incorporate the essential principles of understanding what to do if such an event unfolds:
Be Situationally Aware of your surroundings, take Flight if it is safe to do so, Evade your attacker if you cannot leave, and Rush your attacker- if you are left with no choice. You’re SAFER with DeSAT.

DeSAT is excited to offer this on-line course to the general public as well as our clients. Through aggressive product development, we continue to break new ground utilizing the most current, nationally recognized best-practices. What’s more, the new SAFER on-line active shooter training program is designed in such a way that it covers all aspects of our training regimen- and provides the concerned individual or organization with the ability to quickly make sound survival decisions in a very compressed timeframe.”
DeSAT is has designated this on-line active shooter course as SAFER-3.
SAFER-1 is a 2-hour, multi-section on-site program for an organization’s employees. This course encompasses the essential tenets of workplace violence and active shooter preparedness. The information in this course is invaluable, and transferrable – no matter where you are: at work, school, or a public gathering place. SAFER-1 provides you with the tools, information, and mindset to be prepared in the event of workplace violence, violent intruder, or an active shooter event.
SAFER-2 Changes the focus to Management implementation of the infrastructure that organizations utilize to implement SAFER-1 in the workplace: Preparedness, communications, incident plan (actions to take during an incident), training, post-incident recovery, employees and operations.
SAFER-3 Is the new on-line training component that is designed as a stand-alone. For organizations, this can be used as an on-boarding safety tool, or as part of a blended learning regimen, or even a refresher course that is efficient to administer. For the individual, they can simply visit our website and take the course.
Mr. Pessinis went on to say: What’s great about all of DeSAT’s SAFER programs is that they not only help organizations mitigate risk of exposure to the OSHA General Duty Clause, but they also present an opportunity to provide valuable, potentially life-saving techniques to their staff and management- no matter where they might be.
In offering the new SAFER on-line Active Shooter course, DeSAT provides a very efficient way to learn how to manage the situation, provide immediate steps to increase odds of survival, and teach individuals, employees and management crucial techniques and strategies for when such a crisis arises.”
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