Kidney Function Tests Market Propelled by Increasing Incidence of Kidney Damage

kidney_function_testsKidneys are among the most vital organs of the human body. Kidneys acts as blood filters, reabsorbing the essential elements and removing the water-soluble waste products from the blood. Since, kidneys play such an important role, they require constant regeneration of dead nephrons and proper blood circulation to maintain healthy cell growth, due to which they are vulnerable to cancerous tumorsandmetastasis. The functional damage of the kidney isastoundingly common across the world, and its incidence is increasing progressively more. The symptoms which indicates a problem related to kidneys include high blood pressure, blood in urine,difficulty in urination, frequent urges to urinate, and swelling in the hands and feet due to a buildup of fluids in the body.

Kidney function tests, or renal tests have several categories, which includes concentration and dilution tests, clearance tests (provides an assessment of the filtration rate of the glomeruli, the principal filtering structures of the kidneys and whole renal blood flow),visual and physical examination of the urine, and determination of the concentration of numerous substances in the urine, notably glucose, phosphate, sodium, amino acids, and potassium, to help detect possible impairment of the specific kidney functions generally involved with their reabsorption.

It was stated by the World Health Organization in the past that more than 1.4 mn patients per year undergo renal replacement therapy. Additionally, the organization stated that this number is increasing by nearly 8% every year. At the same time, the global kidney function tests market may also be hampered by the growing number of restrictions related to healthcare expenditure and stringent regulatory pressure regarding the use of certain methods in kidney tests

Globally, the factors driving the growth of kidney function tests market include increasing incidences and prevalence of chronic kidney disease worldwide, aging population,high incidence rate of renal fibrosis, and increasing number of individuals suffering from diabetes. Also, other complications such as high blood pressure is contributing towards the increasing incidence rate and prevalence of chronic kidney disease worldwide.Demand for kidney function tests is mainly driven by the presence of a large patient population suffering from renal disorders. According to the WHO, there are more than 1.4 million people worldwide, who undergo renal replacement therapy every year with the incidence rate of chronic kidney disease growing by approximately 8% annually.However, increase in overall stringent regulatory approvals and healthcare expenditure are some of the market-restraining factors that might hamper the growth of the kidney function tests market in future.

Importance of Kidney Function Tests:

From a geographical perspective, the global kidney function tests market is led by North America, followed by Europe. Both regions have advanced in the global kidney function tests market owing to the higher prevalence of kidney-related issues and the presence of a fully established healthcare industry, complete with the latest infrastructure. This applies to the U.S. more than other countries.

Some of the key categories in the global kidney function tests market are dilution and concentration tests, physical and visual examination of urine, and clearance tests. Apart from these, another common form of renal tests includes the assessment of urine to separate various minerals and other substances, such as sodium, phosphate, glucose, potassium, and amino acids. The key players in the global kidney function tests market are Pfizer Inc., ManRos Therapeutics, Endocyte, Inc., IC-Meditech, Plexxikon Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, Ipsen S.A., Kadmon Corporation, LLC, Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd., Discovery Biomed, Inc., Baxter Internation