John Kincaid Unleashed – The Latest Film from Lao Hollywood





John Kincaid Unleashed is the latest martial arts action film from Lao Hollywood. JJ Stomp directs and stars in this action packed movie as Agent David Lee, with two beautiful ladies: Maggie Dickey as Amy and Hayley Teipel as Ashley. Rounding out the lovely ladies is the big screen debut of Saiphapon Phanthip Muay Lao & Thai kick boxer, at just four years old.

Agent Lee, highly skilled in martial arts, travels around the world undertaking missions for the Director to fund his school for orphans. His mission now is to protect the ones dear to him as a killer “JOHN LEE KINCAID’ from his past threatens to take everyone he loves.

Over his career, JJ Stomp has been an author of two novels, a film writer, movie producer, director, stunt man, actor, martial artist, and businessman. With many years of experience to his credit, he has trained in several martial arts and Parkour to create an action packed on screen presence.

Many of Martial Artists came together to create this film; Grandmaster John Olivier, Grandmaster Tony Bowles, Edwin Olson, Chester Schwie, Master Darryl James, Arjarn Anovath Phanthip, Grandmaster Wes Letioa, Master Sten Kerwin, Jason Varonin, Master Joseph Tarango, Greg Riley, Tony Conners, Eric Nguyen, Greg Borchard, Master Lucy Olivier, Sifu Eric Bettencourt, Shawn Yeakley, Sean Enos and Chuck Reid are just some of the big names involved in this project. For more updates on John Kincaid Unleashed