MOST Complete Outdoor Website Ever Done!

Because Life is too Short to Stay Inside –  François Dumaine

Outdoor lovers now have a reason to smile as a new site which makes it easier to find places to visit as well as share their experiences has been launched. The new outdoor website,, according to the founder and owner Francois Dumaine, is meant to make life more enjoyable. Outdoor lovers will have a platform where they can get valuable information on what event is taking place, where and when.

“People who have been looking for places to have fun will now find it easy to organize such activities as they now have a one stop shop for all the best places to visit. They will not only get to know about the locations of these sites but also get information which will be vital for planning,” said Francois as he articulated the benefits which the platform provides to the users.

For those who would like to share some ideas and experiences on the places they have been and found worth to visit, the website according to Francois makes it easy, they have an opportunity to share great photos. “Let’s Go Play Outside provides a relevant platform for sharing captivating photos and videos as well as stories on places one has visited,” added Francois.

Let’s Go Play Outside also provides a platform where new places and sites can be discovered. The site currently has information on 280,000 locations across America, and this is just the beginning. The Let’s Go Play Outside team are working to include many other locations in order to provide the outdoor enthusiasts with more places where they can visit and have fun. The platform is providing a new way through which people can enjoy nature as well as discover the best mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, trailing and many other outdoor adventure sports activities in United States and Canada.

“My husband and I love hiking. We like to be joining the healthy part of it with the beautiful views and that’s why we are always looking for new places to visit. Before deciding where we will go, we are always visiting All we need is in one place – a huge list of hiking destinations to choose from, the weather as well as many interesting articles! We would Highly Recommend it to any hiking fan.” Angie.

Francois says he considers Let’s Go Play Outside as a place where one can get to know more about the world, as well as tell others about the places they have been. Find all in one click.

About Let’s Go Play Outside

Let’s Go Play Outside was founded by Francois Dumaine, an outdoor activities enthusiast. Francois has traveled far and wide, where he has been involved in a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking among others.