The Liberia Heals Initiative



Here is the back drop. The press release is from “The Liberia Heals Initiative” which is also known as “Liberia Heals” ( ). Liberia Heals was established to help Liberians in the nation and also the ones that fled the country to address the hurt, pain, and trauma caused by the brutal Liberian Civil War and Ebola Crisis. Because of the war, many Liberians are angry and resentful towards each other, which impedes progress when it comes to Liberians working together to accomplish goals. It is one of the primary reasons for stagnancy within the Liberian government and political dialogue.

Liberians are struggling to cope with the hurt and rifts caused during the difficult past and Liberia Heals was set up to address and rectify this unfortunate circumstance. This press release is to invite Liberians in America to a teleconference where we will explain the great work Liberia heals is doing and urge them to sponsor it. It is a call to action for Liberians in America to learn more about Liberia Heals and what the organization has been doing over the last several years and is asking them to help finance the activities. There is a GoFundMe page set up for Liberians in America to support.

The Liberia Heals Initiative is issuing a major “Clarion Call to all Liberians in America” on Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 at 5pm Eastern Time (9pm Liberian Time).
Call: 712-432-1212 Pin: 810-441-897

The theme of the teleconference is “The Divine Intervention for Liberia”. The purpose of the call is to enlighten Liberians in America about the activities “Liberia Heals” has recently been spearheading in Liberia as it relates to peace and reconciliation of the nation, and provide Liberians abroad with the opportunity to participate in the planning process and funding of its activities. There is currently a GoFundMe campaign set up to allow Liberians in America with an opportunity to financially support Liberia Heals related projects, for only $25.

2. As 2017 approaches, which is a political year for Liberia, peace and reconciliation needs to be a major priority. All Liberians need to take this issue seriously and do everything within their power to ensure that there is peace during the transfer of power in the election season. Thankfully Liberia Heals has built a platform to allow this message to spread loud and clear. The only challenge now, is to get more Liberians especially in America involved in planning and sponsoring the mission.

3. Liberia Heals Volunteers who have been working in Liberia will be informing listeners about the recent campaigns Liberia Heals has initiated such as reaching hopeless Ex-Combatants and molding them into enthusiastic “Peace Ambassadors”.
4. The press release is being sent out to inform Liberians in America about the upcoming teleconference on Sunday October 2nd 2016 at 5pm Eastern Time.
5. The Liberia Heals Initiative based in Paynesville, Liberia, West Africa
6. Please search “Liberia Heals” on Youtube and/or visit to see Liberia Heals in Action.