Industrial Floor Scrubbers Market : Segmentation, Industry trends and Developments 2014 – 2020


With the increasing emphasis on sustainability, the market for floor cleaning equipment is also evolving to match the current industry trends. The traditional bucket and mop cleaning equipment is being replaced with more efficient and versatile scrubbing machines in a bid to meet the sustainability goals. Industrial floor scrubbers perform extra functions while using fewer resources. The existing players in this market are trying to focus on the development of machines which use less water and detergent as compared to the traditional methods of scrubbing. Moreover, the floor scrubbers provide improved cleaning results without incurring any additional costs such as those involved in polishing and sweeping operations.

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An industrial scrubber uses a system that generally involves spraying the floor with a combination of cleaning chemicals and water, scrubbing the floor to break up spill, residue and dirt, and then a squeegee-vacuum combination that absorbs the used water, leaving the floor completely dry and clean. Floor scrubbers are available either as ride-on or walk-behind machines to clean large floor areas in the industries by injecting the cleaning solution with water, scrubbing as well as lifting the residue off the floor. Furthermore, with advancements in the field of robotics, autonomous floor scrubbing robots are now available in the market. Advanced features such as ease of handling, high efficiency, low maintenance, fast, clean, and safe operations of floor scrubbers are fueling the adoption of floor scrubbers across various industries.

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On the basis of type, walk-behind floor scrubbers led the global industrial floor scrubbers market with highest revenue share in 2013. This is due to their low price as compared to the ride-on floor scrubbers. Floor scrubbers are available in various configurations and sizes depending on the industrial needs. The large-sized floor scrubbers carry more water and larger batteries as compared to small-sized floor scrubbers. This increases the runtime as well as productivity of the various industries.

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In terms of end-use industry, manufacturing and warehousing segment was the largest contributor to the global industrial floor scrubber market in 2013, accounted for 43.6% of the global industrial floor scrubber market. It is expected to maintain its dominance during the forecast period primarily due to the high demand for floor scrubbers in this segment.

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