Natural Therapies Offered By Medella Wellness


Medella Wellness is an Australian company based in Toowoomba, Queensland. They are known to offer different kinds of natural therapies in order for the consulters to obtain and maintain the most optimum level of health. These remedies are provided following the methods of naturopathy. Some high-end naturopathic medicines are used in combination with the expertise possessed by Barry Juillerat, who is the senior practitioner at the company. Barry has been practicing Naturopathy for 30 years now and the knowledge and experience he possesses proves to be of great help forthose who are having different kinds of physical issues.

Medella Wellness has a team comprised of several experienced practitioners in addition to Barr himself. They offer a variety of natural therapies to help people gain the most optimum levels of their health. The most commonly offered services by the company include naturopathy, homeopathy, redox health, remedial massage therapy, western herbal medicine treatments, moxibustion and cupping therapy, meridian and auricular therapies, anti-aging programs, weight loss programs, bach flower remedies, nutritional medicine treatments, Ayurveda medicine treatments, diagnostic testing and naturopathic medicinal treatments. All the above-mentioned treatments cover almost any kind of ailments that a person may go through. So,in case someone is going through some sort of medical issues, consulting Medella Wellness might be a reasonable option as they claim to retrieve every consulter’s health to the most optimum levels.

According to the people working at Medella Wellness, every single health issue is usually caused as a result of Redox dysfunction. That’s why each one of them may be cured if the right measures are taken on time. The company claims that their experts have carried out a research that took more than twenty years. In the end, they were able to develop a bio identical redox supplement system that helps in aiding the cells in thebody to regain their original configuration while freeing themselves of any medical issues or ailments.

As discussed above, Medella Wellness treats almost any kind of medical conditions that a person may be going through. These include cardiovascular-related disorders, childhood illnesses, digestive health disorders, endocrine hormonal disorders, immune system disorders, integumentary or skin disorders, lyme disease, musculo skeletal conditions, nervous system disorders, respiratory system disorders, men’s health, women’s health, and a bunch of other ailments.

ANTA or The Australian Natural Therapists Association is the regulatory body that regulates different therapists and related companies in the country. Mendella Wellness claims to have completed all the high standard requirements for getting registered as a credible natural therapist with the association. ANTA takes almost one year to review the registration process during which the applicant company is observed to make sure they follow the right standards.

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