Wireless Receivers Market: rise in investment for digital wireless receiver technology in upcoming years

The wireless receiver receives the transmitted signal by the transmitter in a long range network. These receivers are installed in almost all consumer electronics and these have many applications in industrial and defense applications. There is high scope for the Wireless Receivers Market due to increase in use of electronics in various regions in the upcoming term.

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Scope and Regional Forecast of the Wireless Receivers Market:

In the Wireless Receivers Market, there is high demand for digital wireless technology which receives and sends the signal in high definition. The equipment such as wireless receiver amplifier, network audio transmitter sales are expected to hike in the upcoming term. High R&D for development of wireless audio transmission and wireless transmission video is estimated by companies in future.

Asia Pacific has high potential in the Wireless Receivers Market owing to high scale manufacturing of transmitters and receivers in this region. India, China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea are the major markets for this market. China, Japan and Taiwan are the major manufacturers of receivers in Asia Pacific.

North America and Europe are prominent market regions for the growth of the Wireless Receivers Market. The collective market size for the sales of receivers, utilization of receiver equipment in electronics and other sectors and investment by companies are the driving factors propelling the growth of this market in the upcoming years.

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Segmentation and Key Players of the Wireless Receivers Market:

The Wireless Receivers Market is segmented into various categories by application, by country and by region as follows:

By application: entertainment, consumer electronics, research, defense, household, communication and others

By country: United States, Germany, Japan and China

By region: North America, Europe and Asia

The key players in the Wireless Receivers Market that invest in R&D and production of high quality receiver equipment are as follows:

  • Denon
  • Yamaha
  • EnGenius Technologies
  • NavCom
  • Powercast Corp.

The Wireless Receivers Market is a rapidly growing market with high demand for video sender and receiver in receiver TV and other electronics for entertainment and information purposes across the globe. This market is expected to witness high growth due to high investment by companies in receiver wireless technology, increasing sales of wireless camera receiver, HDMI receiver wireless, DSC wireless receiver, RF wireless receiver and others for better transmission in the network in various regions across the globe in the upcoming years.

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