Vad Är E-Faktura And What To Expect Of Using It

Some people believe that knowing vad är e-faktura will enable them to create a customized solution for their business. However, e-billing is more complicated than such anticipations. Creating a new e-billing solution can be difficult for businesses with no expertise in the matter.

E billing requires expertise into several areas such as quality, interface designs, safecloud solutions, etc. It can also cost severely through indirect costs, risks of security, storage solutions, etc.

So why exactly is an e-billing or e-betalning solution so difficult? According to a study, 20 to 25% of EU public contracts valuation is lost due to corruption each year. Public procurement also makes up a significant, 15% of the EU’s total GDP (Ada Popescu, et el, AN OVERVIEW OF EUROPEAN GOOD PRACTICES IN PUBLIC PROCUREMENT, 2016). Hence,e- billing solutions can face unwillingness on the part of public and private authorities. However, due to various benefits of e-billing such as cost reductions and convenience, e billing can run into other problems more often than resistance from various authorities. The following is a list of issues to consider before creating an e-billing solution yourself.


Established e-faktura tjänster can provide businesses with user-friendly interfaces and tools to complement their core service. User friendly interfaces can use convenient access to checking out a product, call to action button for resolving queries and design that supports commercial activity. Expertise on such matters can help companies avail a simple and effective solution.


Invoices need to be archived for future use. Otherwise important transactional data could be lost to erroneous task of manual transactions and safekeeping. Data could also be lost to natural disasters which are unforeseeable and magnanimous. Cloud solutions can provide an easy way to archive data but expertise in selecting a cloud service can help keep this data safe for long periods of time.

Purchase to Pay

A big part of billing solutions is automation in procuring supplies and keeping track of all the transactions.Automated solutions can inform businesses about payment deadlines to suppliers and gain early payment discounts. Similarly, such solutions can offer thousands of catalogues of products and help select the right supplies for procurement. Such solutions can help build long term relationships with supplies for reducing costs.

E-billing solutions can be difficult to create on one’s own as years of experience by billing companies give them a upper hand in maintaining database of a wide range of suppliers. A company which provides such e-billing services is Basware.