Thatch roof repairs West Dorset

Thatched roofs are distinctive, have an interesting texture and certainly bring another charm to a property. However, it comes a point when thatch roof repairs West Dorset are necessary and under these conditions, the specialists offering repairs have to be chosen carefully. Your roof should always be in good hands and you shouldn’t allow someone unprofessional on the roof, as he may cause extensive damage that is harder to repair and will cost additional money. Re-ridging services West Dorset are also requested at a certain point, since ridges have to be inspected after a couple of years.

There are different materials used for a thatched roof and the most durable one is the water reed, which can last for up to 70 years and more, if it is well installed and maintained. In case you are considering installing a new roof, this should be it, but make sure you investigate the source of materials and what companies use, if they are locally or imported. In general, thatchers should be able to provide thatch roof repairs West Dorset, as they are specialised in the field and they know the most about such roofs.

It is never recommended getting on the roof, trying to make the repairs on your own. In the first place it can be dangerous and in the second place, thatch roof repairs West Dorset of any kind need to be done by someone experienced and highly trained. It is not worth risking getting injured or doing a bad job that can result in the disturbance of your lifestyle or allowing water get inside the house. There are specialised companies, such as P.C. Symonds that will not disappoint in terms or repairs or re-ridging services West Dorset. You can count on their level of expertise and years of experience in the field.

Thatch roof repairs West Dorset can be extensive or minor, but regardless of the roof’s condition, you should not delay repairs under no circumstances. The problem can get more and more serious, holes can appear in the thatch and this means that eventually you will require more work and making a bigger investment. Some have even considered re-thatching at one point, as the old roof was in a bad condition and unable to be repaired. It varies from case to case, but it is good to know that you can count on someone that knows what has to be done and which are the best practices.

Re-ridging services West Dorset have a great influence on the overall roof, because if the ridges are not maintained and reconditioned properly, the entire roof is affected and it will no longer be durable and present its unique characteristics. In general, re-ridging is done after 10-15 years, being recommended undergoing inspections at this point to determine what can be done and how the life of the roof can be prolonged. Regardless of the repairs, installations and such, you should value professionals working in the field and collaborate with those that have great experienced with thatched roofs.

Resource Box: No matter the thatch roof repairs West Dorset required, these professionals can assist in many situations. If you are looking for quality re-ridging services West Dorset, don’t hesitate any longer and get in touch.