Engagement rings and wedding bands to women’s and men’s jewelry

Tacori Jewelry is beautifully handcrafted in California but you do not have to travel out of state to find it, Merry Richards Jewelers has two locations in Illinois. Just a short drive outside of Chicago you will find both of these amazing shops. Traveling north you will hit Glenview and to the west Oak Brook. Merry and Richard of Merry Richards Jewelers are diamond experts that travel the world hand picking the finest diamonds around. Merry Richards Jewelers prides their selves on the quality of their diamonds and house top designer collections. Merry Richards Jewelers was founded in 1985 and is an independent, family-owned company. You will encounter a highly trained staff that is committed to provide each customer with a service of excellence.

The designer Tacori engagement rings  collection is not one to miss. You can find everything from wedding bands to women’s and men’s jewelry. Each Tacori piece is designed by a Head Designer and then transformed into a magnificent piece of treasure through countless hours of artistry and craftsmanship. A Tacori piece is absolutely something you want in your jewelry collection that can be passed down from generation to generation. Visit a Merry Richards Jewelers showroom today to find that heirloom piece. Whether you want a nice pair of earrings, a gorgeous engagement ring, a wedding band to die for, or even a luxury timepiece, be sure to make Merry Richards your destination.



Merry Richards Jewelers has two locations in Illinois, Glenview and Oak Brook. Glenview is a very affluent city with a population of around 46,000 residents. You will not be disappointed by the wealth of activities available to you while visiting Glenview. Merry Richards Jewelers is located at 2861 Pfingsten Rd. Glenview, Il 60026, and of course the staff would love it if you stopped by to take a look at the designer Tacori collection in person. Alternatively, you  can come to the Oak Brook location. Oak Brook is also a very affluent city, smaller than Glenview, with a population of around 8,000 residents. You can enjoy a nice afternoon of golf at the Oak Brook Golf Course or a lovely shopping day around town. As always the staff would take pleasure in assisting you as you take a look at the designer Tacori collection personally. Merry Richards Jewelers is a premier family jeweler and the leading place in town to find that special piece you have been looking for.


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