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Conflicts arise all over the place and sometimes, it’s unavoidable. In these cases, many people will jump right in and take their conflict to court, to have a lengthy court battle that may have a negative outcome. Mediation is a solution. Mediation offers people to come together and discuss their conflict in the presence of a trained mediator to enable them to come to an agreement that benefits both parties. Jeffrey M. Bloom ( is the best mediator in Nassau County, as he has helped hundreds of people resolve their conflicts.

One of the most risky parts of taking the conflict straight to court is that it might reflect badly on a business. Remember that once a case has been taking to court, it is public. Going through the route of mediation means that a case can be kept private and the impact can be kept minimal. Jeffrey M. Bloom encourages his clients to go down the route of mediation because it is a much more peaceful way to resolve problems, as well as being a lot faster than taking it to court.

Mediation may even be something that people consider when they are going through a divorce. Divorces can end up being very expensive, time-consuming and stressful, which is why mediation is a great way to lift the stress away and allow the involved parties to breathe. Jeffrey M. Bloom is experienced in mediation services in all different situations, so he is completely qualified to deal with cases right from divorce, to business conflicts.

Mediation is a better option for everyone involved – it can mean both parties have to pay less for the service, it takes up less time and it is also a lot less stressful than having a lengthy court battle.

About Jeffrey M. Bloom, EJD
Jeffrey M. Bloom is a mediator who has over 13 years of experience in his field, making him one of the most experienced mediators in Nassau County. Behind Bloom, there is a team of dedicated advisors and mediators who work with him, providing the very top standard of mediation services across Nassau County, ensuring that everyone who has a serious conflict has the correct help they need in order to resolve the conflict and to continue with their life as best as they can.

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