Kansas City Has Never Been More United Thanks To Divorce Attorney

One of the most challenging experiences in life is divorce – not only for the people getting the divorce, but also for the family that supports them. Divorce can mean family relationships break down. If the situation is not handled quickly, well and by an expert then divorce can often make people feel depressed and hopeless. Shannon Sorensen is the best divorce attorney in Kansas City – her approach is different from others. She strives to help people resolve their divorce conflicts in a peaceful manner.

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to handle a divorce peacefully is to head down the route of mediation. What happens during mediation is that both of the divorcing parties sit down with a licensed attorney who acts as a mediator. Shannon Sorensen (http://www.sorensen-law.com/) deals with divorce mediation regularly and is a very experienced mediator. She listens to the case fully, taking into consideration every aspect of it. As her role as a mediator, Sorensen advises her clients on the best moves to make and she ensures that the mediation is always kept peaceful and fair.

Keeping the family together can seem impossible when people are going through a messy divorce, but this is not the case. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help families to ensure that they are not torn apart through the separation of two people, whether they are on good terms or not. Shannon Sorensen makes sure that nobody is left behind in the divorce, and she makes sure that child custody and child support is a high priority for the parties involved. Sorensen is compassionate and dedicated to her work – she’s always trying to get the best for her clients.

About Sorensen Law Firm, LLC

Sorensen Law Firm, LLC was set up by Kansas City attorney Shannon Sorensen in 2009. Sorensen is a certified mediator and has the training and experience that enables her to provide an excellent service to all of her clients – she strives to get people fair results that benefit them. Throughout her career, she has taken on a variety of different cases but recently she has begun to specialize in family law, giving her a stronger reputation and also earning her some impressive associates. Because of the high standard of her work, Shannon Sorensen has gained a brilliant local reputation.