Growing Health Consciousness to Propel Demand in Global Meal Replacement Products Market

meal-replacementTransparency Market Research provides the latest statistical analysis of meal replacement products in a thorough and segmented method. The market intelligence agency’s research report, titled “Meal Replacement Products Market – Global Industry Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, And Forecasts, 2012 – 2018,” bring forth the key factors that are affecting the growth of meal replacement products in different parts of the world and among different social and generational demographics.

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The lifestyle choices made by people from all across the world are keeping the growth rate of the global meal replacement products market at a steadily incremental position. More and more people are chasing busy daily schedules and therefore are showing a high demand for foods that are easy to prepare or ready to eat. Additionally, a large number of weight-loss regimens and dieticians for the overweight recommend the use of meal replacements as they can be helpful in curbing weight gain.

Despite its highly promising nature, the global meal replacement products market has only shown a mediocre growth rate over the past few years. A key challenge to these products is the numerous weight-loss services that are already in high demand across various regions. The market also faces the brunt of the burden in terms of economic depression. The recent economic downturn in North America and Europe has had a heavy impact on a lot of industries, including the food and beverage industry. This had slowed down the demand for meal replacement products to a considerable extent. Over the coming years, however, a growing level of health and weight consciousness along with heavy innovative efforts are expected to add a favorable growth rate to the global meal replacement products market.

The competitive landscape of the global meal replacement products market is full of food and beverage heavyweights. Each of the key players brings their own brand of innovativeness and a high focus on research and development efforts. At the same time, the massive growth in demand coupled with the relative ease of product facility installation has prompted many food and beverage players to attempt for success in the global meal replacement products market. Those with highly positive customer response are likely to score big in this market where addressing consumer concern is the player’s topmost business strategy.

The key players from the global meal replacement products market include Nestle USA Inc., Unilever, Impulse and Indulgence Products, Frito-Lay Co., Nutrition/Staples, Campbell Foodservice Co., Jm Smucker Co., Dole Food Co. Inc., Conagra Foods Inc., Chiquita Brands Inc., General Mills Inc., Kraft Foods Inc., Abbott Laboratories, and Heinz Foodservice.