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Martin Baylis Engineering

City –  Gillingham
State – Kent
Zip Code – ME8 0RD
Country – UK
Telephone – +44 (0) 1634 302220
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Gillingham, Kent, UK, 26th September 2016:The heart of any model steam boat is the engine and boiler along with the ancillary equipment associated with it, this is what sets it apart from an electric powered or otherwise model. Martin Baylis Engineering offers a range of authentic and elegant looking engines and boiler combinations to appeal to even the most discerning of enthusiasts.

The selection of the steam plant for your model is a big decision, you will been keen to purchase a unit that suites the character of your model, it may need to be of a compact size to fit the space available, it is almost certain that it will be required to be compatible with radio control, weight too will be consideration. Martin Baylis Engineering is one of the premier model steam engine manufactures in the country enjoying and enviable reputation.

Martin Baylis produces some of the most elegant and practical marine steam units available to suit your needs. Having supplied model boating enthusiasts all over the world has now a well respected position within the market place and continues to tread a path of innovation and excellence along with a reputation for reliability and service.

Martin Baylis Engineering produces a range of model steam engines and boilers that are tailored to the needs of model boat enthusiasts all over the world. Engines are produced to simulate the appearance of engines of the era including model triple expansion steam engines and compound engines

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About Martin Baylis Engineering: With extensive experience in the field of miniature marine steam engine design, Martin BaylisEngeering manufactures some of the most interesting and thoughtfully designed marine steam engines available. Before becoming involved with steam engines, Martin was aprofessional engineer as a result of which he can bring some innovative and creative thinking to the world of model steam. His wide variety of products were largely inspired by actual engines and boilers of that era. This blend brings the best of traditional appearance and sound engineering practice to the modern age producing engines and boilers that will bring joy for years. If you wish to know more you can give a call to Tel: +44 (0) 1634 302220 or drop a mail at