Allentown, PA’s Favorite Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is hard for everyone who goes through it. There can be all sorts of things that come hand in hand with divorce, including worries about child support, child custody and even property division. During these times, it is vital for families to get the right support and to hire an experienced divorce lawyer. At Eidelman & Associates, the divorce lawyers are happy to help people as much as they can. They’re determined to get the best possible results for every one of their clients, always making sure that they are completely fair.

There are a few different methods that people can use to resolve the problems that root from their divorce. A lot of the time, people will jump immediately to courtroom battles which can be expensive, stressful and will take up a lot of time. At Eidelman & Associates (, they encourage their clients to go down another path and to instead consider divorce mediation. The lawyers have an extensive amount of experience working with divorce cases and mediating stressful and confusing situations, making them perfect for anyone battling with a divorce.

Finding the perfect divorce lawyer can seem really difficult because there is so much at stake – people can’t take the risk of just trusting anybody. The right lawyer will consider how the individuals feel and how the divorce impacts the family. The right lawyer will look at the entire situation, including each party’s yearly income, any abuse in the relationship, and keeping the children in the family as safe as they can possibly be. The lawyers at Eidelman & Associates are the best people in Allentown that anyone could go to. They have compassion, respect, knowledge and expertise and are willing to use these regularly to help take the stress off of a divorce.

About Eidelman & Associates

Eidelman & Associates is made up of three attorneys, who all specialize in family law. The firm was founded by Mary J.B. Eidelman, who has gained an unbeatable reputation in Allentown for her success rates and how fair she is with her cases. The attorneys at the firm have years of experience working with family law, which makes them experts in their field and there is no place better to go when faced with a family law case in Allentown, PA.