ADR Has Been Rated the Best Method of Resolving Disputes

There are thousands of disputes to be resolved all around the world, even in San Francisco, where dreams come to life. Often, people will go through a lengthy court battle in order to resolve their disputes, but this can cost a lot of money, time and emotion. Thousands of people today are deciding to use an ADR, or Alternative Dispute Resolution, in order to solve their problems a lot more quickly and less expensively. Daniel Yamshon ( is a leading arbitrator and mediator who specializes in ADR in San Francisco.

Mediation is one of the most popular methods of ADR, and it includes the disputing parties to sit down with a trained mediator, who has plenty of experience in conflict and negotiation. The parties will discuss their situation outside of the courtroom and will come to an agreement that is fair for everyone involved. In San Francisco, it is easy to get blown away by the amount of mediators that there are, but Daniel Yamshon is the best one to choose. He has been helping people resolve their disputes through mediation for years and has worked with hundreds of people.

Another method of ADR is arbitration. What happens during arbitration is that both parties present evidence of certain things involved in the dispute. They will then work with an arbitrator, who will be able to issue the parties with an award, which has as much strength as a court judgment would, making this a very powerful method of ADR. Daniel Yamshon is one of the best arbitrators in the whole of the San Francisco vicinity, helping lots of people to find their way through the arbitration method.

About Daniel Yamshon

Daniel Yamshon is the best choice to go to when there is an ADR case. After winning Peace Maker of the Year in 1994 and the Africa Peace Award in 2001, he has been highly perceived as being one of the most successful mediators around. Yamshon has been working with these cases for over twenty years, helping people to resolve their disputes in a peaceful manner and get the very best out of their negative situations. Throughout San Francisco, many people believe that he is the best mediator you could ever think to visit.