Acclaimed Author Reveals Ways Black Owners Can Get Funding Without Banks



“How to Get Loans For A Black Business With Bad Credit.”

By Sejj Jackson Trade Paper: 978­1537726458

$8.99, 92 pp. Ebook ASIN: B01LL2NGGA

Release Date: September 24th, 2016

“Sejj captures the many realities that African Americans endure while trying to get funds for their businesses.”

The Urban Rapport


Acclaimed Author Reveals Ways Black Business Owners Can Get Funding Without Banks

Young successful business man, turned critically acclaimed author, Sejj Jackson meets racial discrimination within the banking system head on. He discusses the many secret discriminatory methods that are practiced in today’s traditional financing avenues.

Sejj combates these discriminatory financing methods, by presenting several proven financing alternatives that African Americans can take to get loans without banks.

This great book opens the discussion about African Americans needing financing and the many challenges that are involved with an African American trying to get funding. Sejj then shows how to circumvent this discriminatory banking challenges, so African Americans can get more access to the funds they need to operate a business successfully.


This is a book that gives you information on alternative financing when you have a black business. If your not able to get a businesss loan from the bank, then this book is for you. It talks about everything from Hardmoney lenders, to launching your own IPO called DPO. This is a valuable tool for a business strugglinig to get the financing it needs. Facebook: Sejj Jackson Twitter: Mr. Sejj

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