KOBSTER Wheedles B2B e-commerce space with LendingKart to empower Small and Medium Enterprises


Kobster, a B2B e commerce firm has tied-up with Lendingkart, to empower its vendors and corporates to be in a constant flow of Working Capital for operational purposes. This tie-up strongly concentrates on empowering small and medium scale businesses by providing them with Working Capital as a loan without any stringent documentations and collateral demands. Lendingkart is a well known Tech-fin company, functioning with a team of expert bankers, techies and data scientists, offering Collateral Free Working Capital loan to small businesses to help them meet their operational expenses. This agreement comes into effect from this September, which is considered to be a major boost for Kobster to enhance their sales.  At the same time, Lendingkart Technologies Private Limited, engaged in developing technology tools for facilitating lenders to evaluate the credit worthiness of borrowers, are optimistic about expanding their network.

Generic SME financing has traditionally been limited to businesses that have solid financial credentials or assets to back the loan. However, start-ups such as LendingKart, who are leveraging technology and alternate data sources to underwrite, are able to help less established businesses. Online lending is making it easier for SMEs and entrepreneurs to receive loans.

“Our new tie up with LendingKartis in line with Kobster’s ongoing brainstorming to establish the B2B eCommerce space as stable and remunerativefor everyone involved in the business,” said Kobster’s Founder Karthik Ramaiah in a statement.

“This is a giant leap towards empowering frequent sellers whose predisposition to sell enlarges with such convenient modes of Working Capital Lending Facilities,” Karthik added.

Kobster anticipates, that, this collaboration will prompt small businesses to concentrate on their current performances, to be eligible to get financial help, in the form of working capital loan from Lendingkart. This comes from the approach taken by the fin-tech company to consider the eligibility of borrowers on their current year’s business growth and cash flow with Kobster,instead of focusing on their past records. The collaboration between Kobster and Lendingkart, has been welcomed in the small business sector, and is considered to be a great impetus to small businesses for helping them to focus more on their businesses, rather than having to worry about the gaps, when here is less flow of cash. This comes as a major step for helping the small businesses across various verticals, to expand the horizon of their activities.