Why Should You Consider LONITE Memorial Diamonds

Today mourning families can customize funeral services and opt for novel ways of saying goodbye to a dear person. LONITE memorial diamonds allow the bereaved to pay their tribute in a less conventional way.

Diamonds made out of human ashes has been around for a number of years, though you may not have been very familiar with the practice. Of course, it is a choice that suits a category of people, whose religious beliefs allow them to choose untraditional and unconventional memorial services. LONITE memorial diamonds provide indeed a very personal way of paying your tribute to a loved departed one. Surprisingly, it is also a more and more common option for some people on their dying bed. They find it more comforting for the relatives to be handed a memorial diamond, rather than an urn of ashes.

The thought of being buried underground and leaving the corpse to be organically decomposed is quite gloomy for some people. Also, it can be very discomforting to have an urn of ashes that reminds you of a beloved one, and not knowing where to place it. Honoring the memory of a dear lost one is a delicate matter and deserves a lot of previous thought. Aspects like the religious beliefs of the deceased one must be considered first of all. If you don’t have the verbal agreement of the departed one about turning the cremated ashes into memorial diamonds, this can be a difficult decision. You can look at this from various perspectives. They say that true friends are like diamonds. It can be very poetic to actually turn a special one’s ashes into a precious diamond. Having a bright, vibrant, fluorescent precious stone to remind you of a lost loved one is a more romantic idea than placing the urn of ashes somewhere at looking at it from time to time.

There is a tendency today to have a more optimistic view on death. That’s another reason why so many people have replaced traditional burial services with contemporary options. As our perspective on life cycle events change, so should the symbolic gestures and rituals that accompany them. We generally attribute a great symbolic value to the some of our actions during such events. It’s important that these symbols have a special personal significance. If we do them just because people do so and no emotion is attached, then we might as well do something else. We should do what has a genuine value for ourselves. Especially during funerals people search for unique ways to express their gratitude, their eternal love for the departed one. Diamonds made out of human ashes may sound like an unlikely choice for some, but for others may be their wonderful opportunity to express feelings in a personal and meaningful way. Everybody should have their options and be allowed to choose what makes them feel most liberated and comforted. Continue your documentation and learn more about diamonds made out of human ashes.

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