Commemorate a Lost Loved One with Diamonds Made out of Human Ashes

Today there are so many options to inspire mourning families to pay thoughtful tributes and diamonds made out of human ashes is one of them. Memorialize a dear departed one in your personal manner!

Diamonds made out of human ashes may sound like something from a science fiction novel, but although it’s quite a new practice it is gaining popularity. You’ll be surprised to find out how many people who are prepared to leave this world instruct their relatives to turn their ashes into diamonds. The perspective of having your ashes turned into a 58 sparkling facets diamond could be more appealing than that of being burned underground. In fact, some people instruct their relatives on their dying beds to actually bury the polished diamond somewhere where it could one day be found, and make someone happy. There are many interesting stories around this new practice, and what is most impressive is that people can find so many creative ways to deal with grief and death. Turning cremated remains to diamonds is a very meaningful and novel way to keep the memory of a dear one alive.

Turning cremated remains to diamonds can be a nice way to honor your loved one, and create a life lasting remembrance. The diamond will certainly become the most valuable possession in your family heirloom. What can be most exemplifying as a symbol of treasuring the memory of a loved one than actually turning the departed one into a real treasure? As you may imagine the process of turning cremated remains to diamonds is not a swift and simple one, but contrary to that. The process has quite a few distinct steps, such as purification, crystallization, vacuum purification, wet chemical carbon purification, HPHT crystallization, or diamond polishing.

There are also ways of personalizing the process of turning cremated remains to diamonds. You decide about the shape, the colour and the size of the diamond. Laboratory facts reveal that the 0.2 grams diamond is created out of 2.5 kilos of aches. If you want to obtain a larger diamond you will be asked to donate more hair, which will be turned into the carbon required for the diamond creation. Most often families opt for heart shaped, tear, flower or star shaped diamonds. Classic diamond shapes are also popular, but it all depends on the final function attributed to the diamond. Some people integrate it into garden memento decorative items. Others simply keep it in the house, reminding them daily about the eternal love and appreciation they have for the departed one.

If you don’t like burials, going to the cemetery, imagining what happens with the corpse under the ground, you have the option of incinerating the body. Again, if it’s hard for you to find a resting place for a conventional urn, you can find a novel way to express your feelings of gratitude and love for the lost loved one, by turning cremated remains to diamonds.

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