Biography of the famous Musician and songwriter Paul McCartney

Brief Intro:-

Sir James Paul McCartney is one of the most famous solo music performers of the era and a former member of the rock band Beatles. He was born in 18 June 1942 in Liverpool. He worked as a singer as well as a song writer with the Beatles in the 1960s and he contributed a lot to transform popular music into a highly commercial and creative art version.

Early and personal Life:-

He was born to Mary and James McCartney. His father was a cotton salesman and also as jazz pianist with a local band and his mother was a maternity nurse. He was raised in conventional working class family. His mother expired due to health complications when McCartney was only 14 years old. He was encouraged to use multiple musical instruments by his father. He learnt Spanish guitar trumpet and piano. Later McCartney joined Lennon’s band and soon he became a songwriter there.

In the year 1969 McCartney was married to Linda Eastman who is an American photographer. She is served as her husband’s muse for the next 30 years. They had four children Mary, Heather (Linda’s daughter from a previous marriage), James and Stella. It was a tough time for McCartney in the 1980s as he was arrested in Japan for the possession of marijuana and it was followed shortly by the devastating assassination of his long-time partner and friend John Lennon.

The Beatles:-

The Beatles, Stuart Sutcliffe, George Harrison and Pete Best rounded out the group. Sutcliffe left the band leaving McCartney to take the place as the bass player of the band. The Beatles recorded their first tracks in Hamburg, Germany. Later the rock band Beatles returned to their own country and began to work popularly over there. The impact of the rock band Beatles was commendable in the 60s popular culture.

And when they made their debut in America it was a very strong impact of the band’s musical journey between the two Nations which is the United States and the Great Britain. During the era of full political and social strife, the Beatle expressed their hopes of the contemporaries for Peace and love through the language of music through the language of music.

Solo career:-

The rock band Beatles disbanded in the year 1970 breaking the hearts of the fans globally. However later Sir James Paul McCartney biographyhas no intention of dropping out the public eye. Eventually he started releasing solo albums and later he formed a band with his wife known as the “Wings” This band remained popular throughout the 70s and won two Grammy Awards and churned out multiple singles.


Sir James Paul McCartney is inarguably pop music royalty. His contributions to the global Rock and Roll culture is extremely appreciable, and is also been knighted, named a fellow at the Royal College of Music. He also received too many honours and a lot of Fame for his performance. Click here to know more details about Paul McCartney biography.