Tahr hunting New Zealand is quite a challenge. Make sure you are in Sheep Shape!

Free Range Tahr hunting in New Zealand

If you go into the mountains of New Zealand and see a Tahr, you’re going to need to take a picture and shoot in a minute. The Himalayan Tahr is an amazing creature to see, particularly if you catch a bull Tahr shooting from rock to rock much faster than you could ever expect to scale. New Zealand is the only state on the planet (besides Nepal) with enough Tahr to really have folks come with the aim of a New Zealand Tahr hunt consistently. There are small groupings of Tahr in other places of the world but there are to hunt from. Get more information about Tahr hunting

More About Tahr

Tahr can usually be located of mountainsides with lots of vegetation, anywhere between and 7,000 feet 4,500 feet. It’s going to be a serious climb if you’re going to pay Tahr hunting costs and are determined to not go home empty handed. Then they will feed on tussock grasslands, if a Tahr hasn’t been hunted a lot and hunters who don’t desire to go to just as much space to hunt a Tahr are allowed by this.

The best times is during the rut, which will be between July and May. During this time around, the bull Tahr are with the females which means you will have an easier time finding them. Tahr also have their winter coats as of this time, which may be considered quite the prize merely by itself. The winter coat of a bull Tahr can still be an amazing thing to have even if the horns aren’t prize worthy. Plus, during the rut, the meat of a Tahr is in the best possible state. You’ve got to be able bodied and willing to scale if you’ll need a good possibility of hunting a good sized Tahr.

New Zealand Tahr Hunting Regions

• East Coast Hunting: You can usually reach these areas by driving or walking with a four-wheel drive vehicle. A lot of them need to have permission from landowners to hunt there although you should have the ability to see Tahr in riverbeds, which some riverbeds don’t want one to have access permission.

• West Coast Hunting: You’ll only be able to get in by foot or by flying. Walking will take you a day each method, meaning you’ve got an additional two days on the period of your trip, which you’ll must plan for. Or, you could hire a helicopter to take you into the area, which you can chalk up to Tahr hunting costs. You might as well arrive, ’re already going to be doing lots of walking and climbing and leave in style. You’ll desire to have a mountain radio or cell phone so your chopper can be called for by you if you see that the storm is coming, West coast thunderstorms continue substantially more than you’re used to.

Tahr Hunting Guides New Zealand

You’re going to need Tahr Hunting Guides New Zealand, if you have a Tahr hunt planned. You won’t where is safe to scale, the best methods to locate Tahr understand, and you could potentially forget some extremely important information that could save you lots of sweat, blood, and tears in the correct scenario. Plus, you can make excellent buddies with these guides because of their amazing guidance and the way they manage themselves.

Trophy Tahr

The larger and older the bull, the more the horns. That’s a good general rule. If you come across several bulls together and you see the largest one that’s probably going to be the one with the longest horns. Keep an eye out for horns that have an inward curve at the tip. If the tip curves towards the centre of the Tahr’s back, it’s a prize Tahr.