Amadeus Patisserie Offers Specially Designed Wedding Cakes

Thornhill, ON—Weddings are more than a one-time special occasion; they mark the beginning of a lifelong journey and commitment.  Therefore, Amadeus Patisserie Toronto offers one-of-a-kind designs to suit any couple’s taste and vision of what they picture to be the ideal cake.  They devote themselves to individualized customer service and consultation.  Also, the consultation is free.

Amadeus Patisserie ( takes pride in offering a diverse assortment of designs and arrangements of wedding cakes.  They incorporate premium, fresh ingredients into their recipes.  All cakes come in a wide variety of flavours and are prepared by their master chef with care.  This chef specializes primarily in baking with an emphasis on wedding cake design obtained through years of education in this field.

In addition to years of study and culinary expertise, they offer a vast array of decorations that will add a unique, special touch to a couple’s custom-made cake.  Shapes can be round or square with multiple tiers. Decorative flowers are made from either sugar, gum paste, or fondant, depending on the couple’s choice. Flower types include roses, calla lilies, orchids, cherry blossoms, tiger lilies and more. Edible decorations, such as ribbons and bows made from sugar in different colors can be added on. Also, designs can include some extra accessories to polish off the overall look like ribbons, bows, and pearls.  Fresh flowers are also a popular choice, and many garden varieties can be found to fit any season and color scheme.  A small selection of cake toppers is also available.

Along with preferences of decorations, couples can also select a cake stand on which to display their wedding cake for added beauty and stability, but the availability of stands are on a first come, first serve basis. At Amadeus Patisserie, cake stands come in many different shapes and sizes in gold, silver, clear, and white.  Antique stands, which are also available, add both an elegant and classical look to the wedding cake, thus making it even more unforgettable.

wedding cake

wedding cake

So Amadeus Patisserie invites couples for a free consultation with the cake designer for a memorable experience in planning for a beautifully crafted wedding cake.

About Amadeus Patisserie

Amadeus Patisserie is an award-winning (Top Choice Award) pastry shop and café that specializes in unique desserts, such as cakes, pastries, and tarts.  They are staffed by Master Bakers and Pastry Chefs who have been well-educated in the art of baking and decorating.  They also offer services in the custom design of their desserts to fit any occasion and décor and are open seven days a week and for all holidays.  Orders can be placed at the bakery or online.

Additionally, they also have a café that offers a light lunch menu and their signature cappuccinos and espresso made from coffee that is roasted locally.