Magical Duda, Promoting Magical Childhood Experiences

Toronto, Ontario—Children deserve memorable experiences now while they still believe in the impossible. Don’t let your kids grow up too fast, the world and its problems will always be there. Why not do something special for their birthday party or another celebratory event that will stay with them into adulthood. Magic shows are a great option for parents that want to spice up an otherwise status quo birthday party for toddlers and children. They are inspiring, teaching children that not everything is as they appear. And of course, magic shows are entertaining and true crowd pleasers. If you are in the Toronto area and need a good company to perform for your child, call up Magical Duda Entertainment ( for an amazing experience.

It’s not just the kids that enjoy the magic. Adults want to feel the magic as well, often spending hundreds of dollars on magic show tickets in big cities. Some families travel to circuses. And you can’t forget the spectacle magic shows in Las Vegas that draw adults and kids alike by the thousands. Magical Duda is a much more affordable option for customers who want to feel the thrill of the unexpected. Offices, malls, festivals, and other places are the perfect venues for magic shows, and Magical Duda is willing to perform in nearly any environment.

Magic shows are excellent events that bring the community together. Magical Duda often lets the audience participate in any number of ways. Children can learn balloon sculpting while adults can get up close and personal on the fun during a trick. Kids leave the show ecstatic, and some even try to become little magicians themselves. Let Magical Duda Entertainment brighten the community’s day pure fun and exhilaration, as well as introduce your kids to a new hobby.

About Magical Duda Entertainment

Cory Clarke, Cody Clarke, and Ryan Moreau, otherwise known as Magical Duda, Balloon Dude, and Flying Ryan—have well over 15 years of experience entertaining the masses. They’ve worked in this industry, as well as others that allow them to work with trained animals. Several of these professionally trained animals they own now and use in their live animal shows. Aside from giving top notch magic shows for a wide variety of events, they also offer magic lessons for kids ages 7 and older, as well as adults. Magical Duda Entertainment is the best in the game here in Toronto.