Canada Medlaser Laser Clinic offers the Latest in Laser Treatments

Canada Medlaser Laser Clinic, located in Toronto, offers numerous services related to health and beauty. Equipped with state-of-art laser technology, the team of highly trained medical aestheticians and other professionals provides treatments for body and skin along with cosmetic injections, hair removal, and remedies for nail fungus.

Regarding skin-related concerns, the professional staffs at Canada MedLaser ( treat problems with acne, pigmentation, like Rosacea and sun or age spots, scars, veins, and stretch marks. They also perform chemical peels and CO2 Fractional Resurfacing, as well as wrinkle reduction, PRP Facelifts, a non-invasive procedure, micro needling, and skin resurfacing and tightening. Skincare therapists utilize laser, infrared, radio frequency, and exfoliation in numerous procedures.

For body treatments, options include body contouring and cellulite treatment. One machine that is used in these type of treatments is referred to as “cool sculpting,” which involves Cryolipolysis. The procedure entails the freezing of fat in a non-invasive manner. The fat cells then harden, freeze, and die and eventually are eliminated naturally by the body over time. For elimination of cellulite, radio frequency technology is employed to reduce fat cells to molecular size, thus enabling the body to rid itself of these naturally. This treatment, according to the therapists, will take away several inches in a short span of time.

For hair removal needs, the professionals at Canada MedLaser use innovative laser technology to treat almost all areas of the body. One factor to consider is that treatment is intended for patients who are 16 years of age and older. Patients undergo treatment from the Candela Gentle Max, a laser machine that emits a cryogen spray to numb the skin and gentle pulsating laser that goes directly to the hair follicle. Treatment takes a short amount of time. For instance, a complete leg procedure takes approximately 20 minutes.

Canada Medlaser also uses laser treatment to remove nail fungus. Therapists declare this type of treatment is safe and effective because it targets only the fungus itself and not the healthy skin tissue that surrounds it. They also describe this procedure as pain-free and fast with a permanent resolution of nail fungus.

Injectables, like Botox, and fillers are also available at Canada MedLaser. These popular treatments are noted for reducing wrinkles and fine lines and promoting an overall youthful complexion by tightening the skin and minimizing sagging caused by age or weight loss.

So to inquire about services and pricing, the staffs at Canada Medlaser encourages potential clients to make an appointment for a free consultation. Interested persons can email or contact the office after 10:00 am Monday through Saturday.

About Canada MedLaser
Canada Medlaser is staffed by therapists, doctors, and medical aestheticians equipment that approved by FDA and Health Canada. They back their treatments and therapies with a full money-back guarantee and also offer 12-month financing plans to patients. Any one of the four MA’s can be contacted for a free consultation.
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