Soloway’s Announces Varieties of Meat in their Store

Toronto, Ontario- For anyone who is a fan of hot dogs, there is always the excitement of finding another local vendor that can truly meet their craving. Soloway’s Hot Dogs is just one of those companies that can do so. For the best in wholesale hot dogs, Soloway’s has been giving restaurants, cafes, and food trucks some of the best hot dogs in the Toronto area.

Not all people like to eat beef hot dogs, and some would love a variety of meats to choose from. This is where Soloway’s ( comes in. They have plenty of options for their customers to choose from. They have three different types of hot dogs, beef, chicken, and veggie dogs. This gives many options for restaurants and cafes that may have some more selective customers. The sausage selection that this company has is very large and one of the best in the city. Customers can choose from Mild Debrecziner, Hot Italian, October fest, Turkey & Pepper, Bacon & Cheddar, and even a Jerk Chicken Sausage. Along with these selections, they also have beef and veggie burgers, steaks, and chicken that is good for grilling.

Soloway’s gives their customers options like no other company can. When it is time to change up the menu, this is the place to turn to. With the huge selection of meat and condiments, they provide everything that a café needs in order to truly satisfy all of their customer’s hunger needs.

About Soloway’s Hot Dogs
Soloway’s( is practically a household name in the Toronto area. Hot dog lovers from all over the country brag about just how great their hot dogs are. This company opened in 1927 and have been making their customers very satisfied ever since. For those who enjoy different types of meats, Soloway’s has been making quality products for years. From cold deli meat to sausages, the quality of the meat is like no other that can be found in Toronto. This is why they have grown so popular. In 1996, they decided to try to get into the world of wholesaling to the food and restaurant industries. This move has shown to be one of the best that they could have made. Along with quality products, Soloway’s also wants to let their customers know that food safety is important to them as well.

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