Magical Duda: Top Magicians in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario – Magicians entertain people of all age groups, whether it is a child, adult, or an old person. However, it is particularly the kids that get amused by magic shows. Although, there are a lot of magicians and magic companies, but the leading one in Toronto is Magical Duda ( It regularly holds shows and is the premier corporate children’s entertainer in Toronto.

Due to its awesome magic performances, clients say that they have never seen a better magician in their life. Families and corporate staff all love the performances of Magical Duda. And, not just Magical Duda performs magic shows, but it also takes magic lessons, so that kids can learn magic and perform it as well. People can learn a variety of fun tricks from Magical Duda. Plus, it also teaches magic tricks through video tutorials to people who purchase magic loot bags or book lessons from them.

Magical Duda offers its magical services for festivals, birthday parties, and fairs. Additionally, it also does magic performances in malls, daycares, schools, and libraries. With a wide variety of magic shows, Magical Duda ensures that the audience enjoys whatever it sees. Some of its famous magic shows include balloon sculpting, close up magic, and meet and greet with the LIVE animals. Magical Duda performs specialized magic shows for every age group, so that people of every age group can enjoy its performances.

About Magical Duda

Magical Duda Entertainment ( is a magic company comprising of a small team of professional magicians, who are based in Toronto and its surrounding area. The team has 2 full time magic performers, namely Cory Clarke also known as Magical Duda and Ryan Moreau also known as Flying Ryan. Plus, it has one part time magic performer Cody Clarke also known as Balloon Dude. Besides this, Magical Duda has a team of animals that includes Oreo the bunny, Marlie the bunny, Charlie the bunny, and Felix and Lucy the doves.

Magical Duda performs in Ontario, particularly Toronto and its surrounding areas, including the GTA, Barrie Ontario, and Simcoe Muskoka. It has been in this business for more than 15 years. Magical Duda is one of the top magician companies, due to its fun filled and amusing magic shows that entertain everybody, kids and adults alike.

Some of the things that make Magical Duda different from other magic firms is that it has an experience of more than 15 years, there are professionally trained animals, it offers high quality entertainment to the spectators, it checks the vulnerable sector, and has a liability insurance of five million dollar.

Magical Duda ensures that every event they do is unforgettable for the audience. Additionally, it customizes the event according to the requirements of its clients, so that the event comes out to be perfect for the viewers. Some of the popular clients of Magical Duda include Rio Can Georgian Mall, Precious Pawns Rescue, Gilda’s Club, CIBC, Parkinson Superwalk, Novotel Hotels, Barrie East End Social, Barrie Country Club, Hockley Valley Resort, Kerry’s Place Autism Services, Cranberry Golf Resort, and Cleavelands House.