Local Author’s First Book Addresses Domestic Violence




September 20, 2016

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Local Author’s First Book Addresses Domestic Violence

ATLANTA — Expected End Entertainment, LLC, and EX3 Books announced today the upcoming release of Empowering Truth: Real Stories About Domestic Violence & Abuse, a book that delves into a personal account of domestic violence and abuse and shares other transparent stories from multiple survivors.

Written by Tina R. McCrea, founder of Empowering Truth Consulting Services, the book uses McCrea’s experiences as a backdrop to help women who have or are experiencing domestic violence and abuse. It provides them with the motivation and inspiration for deliverance and healing. After spending years in an abusive marriage, Tina managed to break free and discover a greater purpose in life. Now she is on a mission to help others experience their true freedom. The book will help readers:

  • Discover that witnessing domestic violence doesn’t create immunity.
  • Discover that dialogue about domestic violence and abuse brings freedom.
  • Demolish wrong patterns of thinking and behaviors that hold people hostage.
  • Develop a plan to move forward using practical principles.
  • Decide that now is the time; today is the day of deliverance. It is scheduled for release October 5, 2016, to coincide with October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“Eleven years after Auntie Fuzzy was killed, I found myself in a similar abusive situation. How could this be? I remember saying to myself, it would never happen to me!” wrote Tina, an ordained minister and co-pastor of Without a Trace Ministries Inc.

“The drama began the first month of our marriage. The cycle of abuse continued and escalated to the point that he pressed a knife into my throat, bragging that he could easily kill me and nobody would know.” EX3 Books Publisher C. Nathaniel Brown said Empowering Truth will be a powerful resource for many, especially women who have experienced similar abuse to Tina’s story.

“Tina did not hold back in telling her story,” Brown said. “She realized that what she experienced was designed to prepare her for the women she would later help. She has become intentional in being a vessel for God’s use.”

For more information about Tina or Empowering Truth,

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