Latest Trends for Penetrating testing services in India 2017

Texas (USA), Canada (Toronto) & India (Business Network): 19th sep,2016
Pentesting Services help detect vulnerabilities after product is complete. It assists in analyzing where the vulnerability resides. Developer needs to review and understand the code then identify fix location and verify remediation quality.

Why you need a Penetration testing services provider?

  • Penetration testing has high false negative potential. That is why Penetration  testing services are a  very time consuming activity and may take days of work and sometimes even a full week.  Penetration testing services  can only be performed at the end of a cycle and will delay release if results are found and they include new costs every time a test is performed.

  • Suma Soft provides reliable penetration testing services for 16+ years. Our penetration testing services  help businesses identify potential risks to their web applications, websites and softwares ;thereby conduct penetration testing to monitor and protect the computer system from malicious activities or attack of hackers.

  • After determining the vulnerabilities that exists in the systems, servers & networks; the penetration testing team identifies appropriate targets for penetration attempt. The time and effort that need to be put in for the computers that have vulnerabilities required to be estimated accordingly.

Latest Trends for Penetrating testing services in 2017
We predict the following 4 trends  for Penetration testing services to bring about changes in 2017.These are various options to evaluate application security or even the best remedial steps.

  1. Quarterly / Semi-Annual / Annual Penetration Tests – Black box testing
  2. On-going Assessments (After every change in the application)
  3. Application Source Code Security Assessment
  4. Web Application Firewall deployment

Suma Soft can help you provide all the 4 remedies for a cost-effective price. Being an ISO 27001 Certified company with CERT-In empanelment since 2012, we understand the importance of running a robust and safe business enterprise.

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