Garage Door Repair in Vaughan by The Door Master

Residential garages do more than simply secure automobiles.  They store tools, gardening supplies, and whatever else the home cannot accommodate.  Some homeowners convert their garages into playrooms, dens, and “man caves.”  And, for many, the garage serves the home entrance. Commercial garages are used by nearly every kind of business to store inventory, overstock, and even food.  And, they are important to storage facilities.

The residential garage door ( is, thus, extremely important.  A defective residential garage door exposes valuables to crime.  And, if the garage serves as a home entrance, a faulty garage door exposes the home and those entering to the elements and compromises the safety of the inhabitants.  A defective commercial garage door interferes with orders and deliveries and subjects a business to loss.

Most people only contact a garage door service company when their garage door is obviously in need of repair or replacement. There are other signs. However, that indicate your garage door needs inspection and repair or replacing.  They include:

1)    Slow response time or delay after activating controls.
2)    Noisiness, creakiness, or straining sounds.
3)    The door comes off the tracks.
4)    Your energy bill is rising.
5)    Sagging door sections.
6)    The garage door is sticking.
7)    To increase curb appeal and home value.

About Door Master

The Door Master has over twenty-five years of garage door service experience and its licensed, bonded, and insured field technicians undergo extensive training before attending to customers. The Door Master serves both residential and commercial garage doors and can repair all components, including cables, springs, switches motors, hinges, torsion and extension adjustment, and motor replacement.  Its repair team can even fix damaged panels or remove and professionally install an attractive, new garage door and door opener quickly and efficiently.

The Door Master has served Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and the Greater Toronto Area for over ten years.  It offers rapid response, the very finest garage door products and high-quality parts.  The Door Master also and guarantees satisfaction.  As well, it provides around the clock availability, seven days of the week, including emergency services.

The Door Master’s friendly, helpful staff can provide a quotation, though, in some instances, a home visit is required.  Nonetheless, its quotations are always accurate, affordable, and fair, and there are never any hidden fees.