With increasing innovations and research, the 3D printing materials market is expected to generate revenue of around $1.05 billion by 2020 and will dominate other printing technologies, according to IndustryARC.

Increasing demand and adoption of Additive Manufacturing Segment, the 3D printing materials market is forecast to grow in double digits from 2014 to 2020 with a highest CAGR of 29.6% during the forecast period, 2013-2020.

The print 3D materials used in these printers are expanding rapidly and many new materials like PET, Nylon and so on are entering in the market on regular basis. This 3D printing technology will dominate other technologies in the future as it is virtually possible to print any object given if you have a digital design of the required product.

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Medical 3D Printing Materials Market:

Medical industry is expected to revolutionize in the future because of biomaterials which were introduced to 3D printing recently. While plastics are used to 3D print prosthetic parts and metals like titanium are used to replace hard parts of the body like skull, biomaterials will be able to print organs for the body which is a very big achievement to 3D printing industry. Recently they were able to print many organs like heart, liver and so on by using this technology and are currently using them for research purposes before starting the medical trials.

Although a lot of patents related to 3D printing industry have already expired, still there are some patents that protect fundamental methods and research. These key patents have expired in 2014, thus giving rise to high demand, lower prices and a larger scope for technology betterment.

Geographical Brief of 3D Printing Materials Market:

The U.S. is noted to be the current leader in contributing for the overall market share owing to the increasing fostering of 3D Printers year on year. Germany is the major industrial hub and its materials revenue is mainly because of metal powders. Countries in APAC like China, India and Japan have relatively smaller market but are expected to grow at the highest CAGR compared to America and Europe.

Segmentation by IndustryARC of 3D Printing Materials Market:

IndustryARC has analyzed the global market into 5 types based on market conditions’ deciding factors:

  1. By Type: Plastics, Metals, Ceramics and Others
  2. By Class: Consumer, Professional and Industrial
  3. By Form: Filament, Powder and Liquids
  4. By Application: Consumer, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Medical and Others
  5. By Geography: North America, APAC, Europe and Rest of the World.

Leading Vendors Insights of 3D Printing Materials Market:

40+ companies are analyzed and included in this market research report. Among the entire list of top players in the 3D Printing Materials Market, studied by IndustryARC research analysts, few of the top ones are:

  • Sculpteo, INC.
  • Taulman 3D
  • Tethon 3D
  • Tinkerine
  • Shapeways

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