Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory: The Leading Suppliers of Hot Dogs in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario – There is likely no food that is more synonymous with the amazing season of cook-outs and barbecues than hot dogs. Although, a hot dog may seem just a long tube of meat that is placed in a bun to many people, there is much more that goes into it, including its preparation and a wide selection of premium toppings that can elevate its simplicity to high culinary abilities.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( is the place that offers a wide variety of hot dogs to customers with distinct taste. Since it is a factory outlet, customers can buy meats, hot dogs, burgers, steaks, sausages, and other meat items from Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory in bulk. Soloway’s is one of the leading suppliers of hot dogs in Toronto.

Hot dogs are one of the favourite foods for everyone, whether it is adults or children. Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory knows this better than anyone else and thus offers high quality meat wholesale in Toronto. Distributors, retailers, and consumers can buy hot dogs from Soloway’s in bulk at unbelievable prices.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is a well-established company that offers great deals on its wide variety of hotdogs, steaks, sausages, burgers, and much more. They aim to give every person a memorable and enjoyable food experience every time they buy from Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory. By following the strictest standards of food safety and preparation, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory only offers high quality meats.

People can buy different types of meat products from Soloway’s either by visiting their store or ordering online, which is a convenient way to get products at home. Plus, there are a number of recipes on Soloway’s website, which help people to make new dishes. People get inspired to try their hand at interesting dishes that they can make using the ingredients of Soloway’s.

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory
Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( was originally founded in 1927. It provided the local people of Toronto a place, where they can come and savour the authentic European meat products, like deli cold cuts, sausages, wieners, roast beef, fresh cuts of pork and beef, etc. Over time, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory changed its products with the changing demands of its customers.

In 1996, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory majorly focused on the food service industry, though following the original Soloway’s traditional cooking methodology and recipes. With time, the company expanded and covered the food service industry’s multiple levels, including catering operations, independent food-stands, wholesalers, and cash & carry stores across Ontario.

As a wholesale supplier, Soloway’s Hotdog Factory offers different types of meat products, including hot dogs, sausages, burgers, and striploin steaks. Besides this, it also offers wieners, nitrite & gluten free products, fresh meats including chicken breast, condiments & other supplies. Today, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory proudly serves numerous retailers, distributors, and consumers across Ontario.

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Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory