A master diamond cutter and his company

The Hoosier state is a bedrock of solid Midwestern values – a far cry from the extravagant manifestations of old-world aristocratic wealth. The Belgian port city of Antwerp, on the other hand, has long been a center for the finest diamond cutters in the world, where brilliantly talented craftsmen have been creating exquisite diamond jewelry for Europe’s aristocratic families for centuries. Antwerp is literally thousands of miles away – and socially and culturally a world away – from the solid Midwestern mindset where down-to-earth pragmatism and a no-nonsense, no fuss ethos prevails. Ostentation is frowned upon here, excess in emotion, passion or deportment considered ill advised (basketball always excepted.)
Yet to every hard and fast rule there is an exception. In fact, experts often like to quip that exception proves the rule. That is indeed the case with Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, a 110-year-old family-run jewelry store in Schererville, Indiana, which brings a touch or true European class with the collection by Henri Daussi. Henri Daussi as in henri daussi Loots. No, it’s not what you thought – Henri Daussi is not a robber. Loots is his Belgian surname. Over 60 years ago he founded the Henri Daussi company in Antwerp, arguably the world capital of finely cut diamonds. Henri became a master diamond cutter and his company aspired to create the world’s most brilliant diamonds and finest jewelry. Henri’s skills were developed when he was a boy under the careful and painstaking attention of his father, who in turn was trained by his own father. The family tradition continues with Henri’s grandsons Jeff and Kristiaan Loots who helm the family business today. Henri Daussi is today headquartered in New York City.


In Indiana, Albert’s Diamond Jewelers is one of just two authorized dealers. Sure, like any good Hoosier, you frown upon decadency, ostentation, extravagance. But like the experts say, exceptions prove the rule. What exceptions, you ask? Why, the woman who lights a thousand lights for you and makes your knees turn to jelly. Your wondrous daughter/ niece/ granddaughter, the apple of your eye, whose joyful love gives special meaning to your life. It could be a wedding. Or high school graduation. Or college graduation. Or a silver marriage anniversary. Heck, it could be no occasion at all. You don’t need an occasion to make the really special person in your life feel really special. For those really special moments, take a temporary break from you austere Hoosier values. You can – and will – always return to them. But when you take the break – drop into Albert’s and take in the exquisite beauty of the collection by Henri Daussi. Sometimes, extravagance can be exquisite, and its own justification.


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