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The engagement ring is arguably the single most important piece of jewelry a woman will ever wear. This ring is not simply a piece of metal with a gemstone, it is a representation of a unique love, an individual bond shared with another. Rings can range from a simple diamond solitaire to an ornate, antique piece complete with gemstones and engravings. A halo engagement ring is a perfect mix of unique yet timeless. Halo engagement rings have become quite trendy in recent years, and as a result, most all jewelry companies now carry them in stock. With all of these options it can be hard to know where to start searching for the perfect ring. Couples are in luck however, as Barons Jewelers offers the best designer halo rings on the market! They offer an enormous selection of halo and solitaire rings from all the best designers.

A halo ring is like a traditional solitaire ring that is completely encircled in smaller diamonds. What makes a halo ring so special is that extra sparkle. It does make the ring appear a bit larger, for brides who want a bigger rock. It also gives the whole ring a more polished feel, as is that most important gem is now protected by an eternal frame. The beauty of the halo ring is that it can have all the modifications of other rings.. such as side gemstones, varying band styles, it can even accommodate diamonds of different shapes and sizes. The halo itself can be pear-shaped, circular, square, or be shaped into a flower, such as the popular lotus halo. An upcoming trend is effervescent sunburst halo. The versatility of the halo diamond ring makes it a fantastic choice for most brides today.



When looking at the vast array of engagement rings on the market today, it is highly advised to look into purchasing a halo ring. For intended grooms on a smaller budget it will give the most bang for the buck. Since the outer diamonds give the overall ring a more stately, larger look, it is not necessary to spend as much money on a large center diamond. Many designers are now offering alternative gemstones in place of diamonds with a diamond halo. This allows a bride to still have diamonds on her ring but also allows for a more unique, perhaps meaningful center stone. Sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, and amethyst are a few examples of gemstones which look fabulous in a halo setting. With the amazing versatility and unique beauty of these rings, it is so fortunate that Barons Jewelers offers such a wide variety from top quality brand names. Go find yours today!




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