Amadeus Patisserie: Custom birthday cakes for all occasions

Whether it is a birthday of your loved one or St. Patrick’s Day, a customized cake is always in demand. Amadeus Patisserie delivers customized cakes for all occasions such as New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Passover, Victoria Day, Thanksgiving, Labour Day, Christmas, Remembrance Day, or any other holiday. If the customer does not remember to order a cake beforehand, they can just place a call to Amadeus Patisserie or give them a visit, they will have their cake ready in just a few minutes.

Custom birthday cakes (  are just perfect for the born day of your loved ones. The cakes prepared by Amadeus are appealing and unique. The clients are amazed at the versatility of birthday cakes; there is so much to explore with birthday cakes. After the order is placed, the cake- maker thinks carefully about the design and size of the cake.

Choose a theme

The first thing is to set a theme for the birthday. Then, you need to speculate the area of interests of the birthday person. You can consider things like what the person does as hobbies, or for living. This will help you determine the theme of the cake you want to get designed. If you are still confused, you can talk to the friends of birthday person. You cannot obviously talk to the person of honour about their interests. No one wants to ruin the surprise.

Do you like fondant? Fondant is the kind of frosting, which is quite popular in the industry of custom cakes. Many people are fond of fondant, which gives a shiny and smooth surface to the cakes in several vibrant colors. The customized cakes are prepared with the help of several parts created from different moulds. Numerical shaped cakes are also available for people who love to play with numbers. If you do not like the moulds that are available, you also have the choice for customized moulds as well. 3D printing makes creating customized moulds really easy, but this technique is still rare in the custom cakes industry.

About Amadeus Patisserie

Located in Bathurst St. Thornhill, Amadeus Patisserie specializes in customized birthday cakes or cakes for all other occasions. The head pastry chef directs the team of bakers to create magic in their kitchen. You can also place your order online if you are not comfortable visiting the store. Apart from cakes, you can also take delight in other creations of Amadeus such as tarts, pastries, and have lunch at their cafe. The divine tarts of this place are made from fresh ingredients and fruits. The French methods of preparing tarts make the creations just heavenly. Your taste buds will definitely get excited once you taste the tarts.

The pastries are a delectable delicacy of Amadeus Patisserie. The best part about cakes and pastries of Amadeus is that they are made fresh every day. You can savour the exquisite compilation of macaroons, croissants, and éclairs. If you live around St. Thornhill, you must taste something out of their delectable collection. Even if there is no occasion, there is no harm in having a light lunch at the Amadeus Patisserie cafe and enjoy the locally roasted coffee along with almond croissant.