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Vaughan, Ontario – Today, the world is filled with microwave radiations. These radiations are present everywhere in tremendous amounts. Microwave radiations are wireless radiations that are recorded as EMFs ranging from 300 MHz to 300 GHz on the radio spectrum. Although the modern world has its own benefits and technological advances, it also has some negative aspects to it, among which one is microwave radiations.

Today, there is 100 million times more microwave radiations as compared to the 20th century or before. Moreover, this number is increasing rapidly every day, owing to cell phones, which are the number one factor that cause microwave radiations. In simple words, if you can use a mobile phone in an area, then that area is microwave radiation saturated.

Other than cell phones, there are other things too that emit microwave radiations, including cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, laptops, baby monitors, radar, UHF radios, etc. These microwave radiations are very harmful for health. And, since these waves cannot be stopped, it is crucial that there should be some protection against these waves.

This is where Aires Technologies ( steps in. With their various microwave radiation protection devices, it ensures that people are protected from the harmful effects of microwave radiations. Thus, their many different devices provide a shield from the mobile phone radiations.

Due to the high quality of its products, Aires Technologies is well-known among its clients. Its award winning products are recognized internationally and have received a lot of awards. Moreover, they are clinically approved, verified, and extensively tested by independent scientific and medical facilities. All the products of Aires Technologies use exclusive patented technologies in order to offer the best possible shield to people.

About Aires Technologies
Aires Technologies ( was established in the year 2000. Since then, the company has won numerous gold medals, certificates, and awards for its first-class range of products. The company’s first award just came after two years of its inception in 2002, when it won a gold medal at the Brussels Eureka Innovations Show in Brussels, Belgium.

Aires Technologies has created over 200 products and project solutions in the last 12 years. All its products are 100% safe for human utilization and ecologically friendly. Moreover, the company has been analyzing the effects of EMR on the human body as well as the environment through bio-medical, physic-chemical, and physical testing for more than 12 years and through these findings and research it has created a wide assortment of devices for the modern society that protect people from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

The wide array of radiation protection products offered by Aires Technologies is offered for all types of personal electronic devices, whether small or big, that emit microwaves. Aires Technologies provides its Microwave radiation shield products to a number of retail outlets, including Natural Life Health Market, Smith’s Pharmacy, Simpson’s, Vaughan Mills, North Hill Private School, Nature’s Source, Baby Land, Nature’s Emporium, Hooper’s, The Big Carrot, Healthy Planet, Better Living, Organic Garage, Kennedy Road Pharmacy, and PharmaSave.
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