Close-up image of an office worker using a touchpad to analyze statistical data

Close-up image of an office worker using a touchpad to analyze statistical data

Thousands of business are failing on social media.  Don’t be one of them!

Get to know the top 6 worst mistakes that businesses commonly make on social media so that you can develop social profiles that are fabulous rather than fails.

1. No Strategy

Posting what you feel like posting each day is a great method for your personal profiles, but business profiles require a little more strategy than that.

Consider what your monthly goals are and plan out your content so that you can effectively maintain a 70/30 balance between interest-pieces and promotional content.  Use your promotional posts to support your current business goals, and ensure the interest posts provide value to your reader.  This balance will make you worth following online while also spreading the word about your own products and services.

2. Multiple Profiles

Some businesses, for a variety of reasons, end up with multiple social profiles on the same site for their ones business.

If you somehow lose access to your page, contact Facebook for assistance rather than creating a new page.  If you have multiple pages for another reason, carefully consider the logic behind that reason before you continue to maintain multiple profiles.  They are almost never necessary.

Even if you’re a franchise business, it’s usually quite unnecessary to have a separate social media profile for each location as multiple profiles makes the business appear fractured.  Imagine if Starbucks had a separate Facebook page for each of their locations… talk about overdoing it!

3. Fake Followers

Buying followers gets you nowhere.  The purpose of fake followers is to make you feel like you’re doing well on social media, but they don’t produce any real, valuable results.  You won’t achieve any engagement through purchased followers and you definitely won’t get any conversions.

Instead of buying followers, focus on making real connections online, even if the number seems small.  You’ll be better off for it.

4. Megaphone Syndrome

Social media sites aren’t just a digital soap box for you to stand on with your megaphone, shouting out information without listening to what others are saying.  They’re meant to be social platforms, and brands that have mastered the art of sparking a two-way conversation with their followers have come to dominate the online world.

Write your posts in a way that encourages your audience to communicate with you, comment on your posts, and share your content with their friends.

5. No Ad-Spend

Sorry to say it, but if you have a budget of nil for social media advertising, you’re unlikely to see significant results from your online marketing efforts.

That’s because social networking sites have perfected their systems so that businesses have to pay to advertise before they can unlock the magic of social media marketing.

They want your money!  And if you don’t give them anything, you won’t get very much in return.  It’s a harsh truth, but you can be comforted by the fact that your dollars won’t go wasted.  Although social media marketing isn’t free, it is effective, and you’re guaranteed to see an increase in engagement (and hopefully conversions!) if you invest your dollars into online ad-spend.

6. Spamming

Low-quality automation, sharing irrelevant links, posting too often, sharing content that isn’t interesting and provides no value… just no.

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