The Ultimate Car Detailing in Fredericksburg

Find the most comprehensive car wash in Fredericksburg, VA at The Car Wash… and it goes exactly by this name. Straight and to the point, this is no ordinary car wash and it is a real full-service experience with everything from washing and detailing to restoration and engine cleaning all delivered with masterful customer service and the most professional service possibly found in the area.

For just $25 to $35 dollars, get a fine hand wash for your car including washing with the finest detergents using microfiber towels, then hand drying service and finally full tire and rim cleaning. Take advantage of an excellent deal on orbital waxing of the complete car to finish up the job for a low price of $50 and up depending on the size of the vehicle. Bring in a dirty, worn-looking car and drive away with a clean, sharp looking ride with a bit more than pride.

Go for the deluxe detailing service ( which includes the wash, full bar orbital waxing, interior and exterior detailing, Sealtek paint sealant to prolong the life of exterior paint, and even engine cleaning and detailing. This is the best package and overhaul detailing for the money at a range starting from $149.95, depending on the size of the car.

Discover the pristine operation and the professional crew at The Car Wash and witness a poor looking car which seemed hopeless transformed from a dirty mess into a classy car once again. Be sure to take advantage of their excellent restoration services. They offer packages to fully restore routine damages to the car exterior and make it look new again.

There are different detailing packages available and it is best to just go for the best one offered, the ultimate option. Have everything done at this location. Even have any vehicle or car reconditioned to the point of looking new again. Check out all the services and deals.