Fundamental Woodworking Shop Tools – The Band Saw

The band saw is called such because the “blade” is really a band which is held in place by pulleys and moves around in a circular motion. It’s an excellent cutting machine that enables you to cut curves and curved contours. Get more information about best woodworking bandsaw

One thing to take note of:

The band saw isn’t only for wood. It may used to cut on metals, glass and other substances. The thing you have to understand is what kind of band (blade) to use. A regular tooth blade is for cutting wood the most common since we’re speaking about woodworking shop tools. You will find others such as the skip tooth blade which can be used for cutting harder sections of wood for cutting softer woods and the hooked tooth blade. The blades also come in different sizes, real thin and flexible for your own cuts that are round and curved, thicker broader blades for your own straight cuts.



A couple of security tips for using your woodworking shop tool-the band saw:

-Always do your care and inspections that you read in your manual that is fabricates.

-Make sure that the tool is unplugged before starting any of your care.

-Tighten the blade according to your own owner’s manual.

-Makes sure the blade is in its proper path.

-When stopping up the band saw in, always check to be sure it’s in the “off” position.

-Never leave the band saw on unattended.

-Never reach across the blades.

– wear your eye protection!

A few hints while using your woodworking shop tool – the band saw:

There is certainly a blade guard which you should fix no higher than about 1/4 inch above the wood surface. When you turn on the power saw, allow it to get to full speed before you begin your cutting. Be sure that the wood stays securely on the surface as you begin to cut. Use a push stick for extremely thin cuts that you may keep your fingers at least 3-4 inches away for the blade. There’ll be times you will put pressure while cutting curves take it easy and slow. Should you have to back out of the cut to alleviate the pressure, turn the saw off and wait until it totally ceases, then back your wood out. Keep your working area clean and nicely lit, constantly stay concentrated and your head at work at hand. Don’t let others distract you.