Pros and cons of orthodontics London

The invisalign London process is very straightforward. It begins with dental impressions and X-rays of the patient’s teeth. This information is then sent through the Align Technology. This Align Technology gives you a 3-Dimensional model of your teeth. This model helps in analyzing each and every problem related to your teeth. The technicians can manipulate the teeth that have problems as per the guidance and instructions of the orthodontist. The final plan is then shown to the orthodontist for approval. If the plan is approved, the manufacture of a plastic aligner begins.

If treated properly, invisalign London can shape your teeth more effectively than the traditional methods. But like all other dental procedures, invisalign has some pros and cons.
• Orthodontics London treatments help you control the tissue inflammation, removing plaque efficiently and decreasing the mobility in patients who suffer from a high level of periodontitis on upper and lower incisors.
• Some of the dental problems, such as overbite, underbite, occlusion, posterior crossbite, crowding of the lower arch and spacing can be effectively treated in a period of 2 months with the help of orthodontics London. The results of these treatments show that deep overbite and posterior crossbite can be corrected for having aesthetic look and stability.
• With the help of Invisalign, the need of some restorative procedures can be eliminated. In other words, more effective periodontal methods can be used to perform these procedures. As a result, it reduces the requirement of dental surgeries and also the costs associated with all the procedures.
• The equipment used for invisalign procedures help in easier maintenance of periodontal problems. Unlike the usage of traditional equipment where the chances of inflammation and plaque accumulation are high, invisalign equipment have fewer side effects.
• Invisalign techniques have better root resorption procedures than the traditional methods. Traditional methods have many instances where a bone resorption of 1 mm was caused. But in invisalign techniques, this issue is totally eliminated.
Although invisalign has many unique benefits that are appreciable, it also has some cons that need to be mentioned.
• The results of efficient treatment are in the hands of the patient. This is because the appliance which is fixed to the teeth can be easily removed. If the patient feels irritated by the appliance, he/she might take it off. However, this might lead to reduced or negative results.
• The movement of teeth is restricted. Actions which require movement of roots cannot be performed if the invisalign appliance is on the teeth.
• The fabrication time of the invisalign appliances is very long. This makes the invisalign treatment process longer than the traditional methods. If you have an appointment with the orthodontist today, then the actual treatment might take place after 2 months. In these 2 months, the teeth data will be analyzed using the Align Technology and appliances will be manufactured. Hence, it takes a long time for the invisalign treatment.
• Some dental problems, such as class III and class II cannot be treated effectively with invisalign techniques. If treated, it will result in tooth malposition and relapse.

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