Teeth whitening methods can be done at home or at a dental office to get sparkling teeth. One can also visit an emergency dentist to get a beautiful smile with bright, shiny teeth.

In the last ten years, many new teeth whitening methods have evolved in this field that can be practiced by anyone at home or at a dental clinic. So, you can see teeth whitening can be done either at the dentist’s office or at home. Dentists usually make molds of one’s teeth and send these to the lab. After 5 to 10 days, custom-fitted teeth whitening mouthpiece is delivered. Then the patient has to sit in the chair for 2-3 hours with these molds fitted in their teeth. This procedure is repeated for a couple of days and the end result provides nothing but shiny teeth with a long bill.

Nowadays, laser teeth whitening procedure and powder bleach have been introduced that are less time-consuming than the traditional methods. Any teeth whitening method followed by a dentist involves applying peroxide gel on the teeth and leaving it for a few minutes with a light, like argon shined on the teeth for a chemical reaction. The only disadvantage of such a teeth whitening procedure is that by the end, the patient receives a huge amount of bill to pay.

When one chooses home teeth whitening remedies, there are 3 products that can be used. The first one is brush-on whiteners. These require brushing the paste on teeth and leaving it to dry overnight which results in sparkling white teeth in the morning. Two main disadvantages of this product are that if the teeth whitening formula turns wet with saliva at night, it removes the paste from the teeth, thus making it blotchy and uneven in the morning. The second drawback is that since this product contains alcohol, it results in a very bad breath in the morning and the extra glycerin compels the teeth lose all moisture, making them extra sensitive.

The second home teeth whitening remedy includes whitening strips that are simple to use and time-efficient. All one has to do is stick the strips on the teeth pressing against the outer surface of the teeth. One has to be really careful while using these strips since the grooves and spaces in teeth need to be covered carefully.

Last but not least, the most pocket-friendly and effective product for teeth whitening are trays with bleaching gels. They are simple to use and give the desired results that one expects in no time. If any issue arises from using these home remedies, one should immediately visit an emergency dentist to solve the problem. Usually, major issues never arise from using these home teeth whitening remedies because they are safe. But one should be careful anyway and take proper care while using them.

So, if you want to save some money but still want your teeth to shine, you can make use of these home teeth whitening remedies and get the best results in no time.

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