Why title policy is needed


You can find two types of title insurance nowadays, owner’s title policy and the loan policy a/k/a lender’s title insurance policy. The policy issued for the owner is in the amount of the property and it protects the buyer in case certain problems arise. There are always some hidden issues that is best knowing about and dealt with than having to face more serious situations afterwards. A title policy protects the interests of a person and it is best for people not to overlook it. There is the possibility of finding someone specialized that can deal with such situations and documents.


The owner’s title policy can be regarded as a protection measure for the buyer in case one of the following situations come in discussion: forgery, deeds omissions and errors, records that have been done in a wrong way and mistakes appear and such. Once you have such a policy, you can rest assured that the title policyinsurance company will have your back, defending you legally and compensating financially. This procedure has to be done before buying a property, otherwise there are more complications and the solution might not be provided at the right time.


There are different title policy coverages and they have the purpose of protecting a property or an investment. In case a lender requires the policy, only his/her interest is covered in the property. When you receive more coverage, you actually enjoy peace of mind and knowing that in case any risks come up, you are protected by the insurance company. Considering getting insurance should be a standard step before closing any deal and purchasing a property. Owner’s title policy has certain coverage, depending on what you agree with the insurance agent and what you choose. In case you go in the process without coverage, the value can be high in case of a risk and even the property can be lost, which is never desired.


There are ways of getting title policy insurance with ease, as you can discuss with a closing agent. It is recommended finding a reliable one after you have signed the purchase agreement. There is NO fee that has to be paidupfront and this depends on the company you collaborate with. In most cases, the buyer is the one getting the title policy, so it is buyer’s responsibility to pay it and the process is fairly straightforward and should go easily and without complications. The problems can happen when you don’t get title insurance. As a buyer, you can risk getting the property from a seller that might not even own the home.Title insurance policy – prevents fraud!


Another common situation that has occurred is when the buyer bought the property from a single person, without the knowledge of him/her being married once and the property is co-owned. Many frustrating situations can take place and getting insurance is like getting peace of mind, as you know you are protected at all times. There are no risks worth taking, especially when it comes to a property and a considerable investment you plan on making.

Want to rest assured and get title policy? Count on these professionals, as they can assist with owner’s title policy as well.