Managing deed transfer

A deed transfer is required in certain situations and it is important taking the right steps, otherwise complications can arise. Perhaps you are planning on selling the house and need to pass on the ownership or maybe you want to give the property to a family member. No matter the situations, legal requirements exist, but with the right support from an abstract company, the process shouldn’t take too long and it doesn’t have to be daunting at all.


There are many reasons that lead people to transfer deeds, most cases being related to someone having to change the name on the property title. For making sure the change is legally correct, there is the need of hiring someone specialized and having a deed transfer done in a properly manner. Real Estate Attorney or title insurance agent needs to be able to prepare the needed documents and to be fully aware of the requirements. As for the owner, the person has to prepare some basic information about the property and the individuals that will be listed as the owners in the titlereport. The abstract company is able to guide clients in the right direction.


The attorney or the abstract company will make sure to establish the description of the property from a legal point of view. The current owners that appear on the deed have to be confirmed as well. There are certain categories in which the process falls into, if the deed transfer is done to a business, to a trust or in case a death occurs. Afterwards, the signing process takes place and once this happens, it will be filed with the respective county office. The duration of time depends and it can last for a couple of weeks. The new real estate deed will be provided usually in the mail.


More to it, there are situations when a relative, an aging parent or grandparent, wants to pass on their home to children or grandchildren. If the house is entirely paid, there are no situations, but if the property has mortgage on it, the person receiving the house has to get a loan before the deed transfer. The next step involves filling out the quitclaim deed for transferring the ownership. If the individuals in discussion are related, then it is even easier making the transfer and there is no need to hire a lawyer or a legal representative. Fulfilling requirements is even easier in this case and it doesn’t take long to complete.


Many people believe that a lot of steps have to be taken for transferring the ownership of a property and the process is quite stressful, but it is not the case. However, getting in touch with someone who specializes in the field and knows what is required can help save valuable time and explain the situation better. You can explain your case and position and the professional will point out the steps that need to be taken and the required documents, also how long it takes until the process is complete and the fees you have to pay.

Do you need to handle deed transfer? To find out more about what the process implies, get in touch with a abstract company.