Wet Earth Features their Fog Cannon Dust Suppression Systems


Victoria, August 30, 2016 – Designed for effective dust suppression, Wet Earth’s Fog Cannon is making a buzz in the mining industry.

Everyone knows that airborne dust is definitely one of the hardest things to control. Their miniscule size and extreme light weight makes dispersing easy and their clean up almost an impossibility. However, with today’s technology, more and more ways are being discovered and devised to make dust a mere nuisance and not an issue anymore.

Wet Earth Dust Control & Mine Water Solutions is one of the best service providers for airborne dust clean-ups and containment in Australia. They have been one of the trusted names by some of the biggest mining companies in the country for the past thirteen years, making them experts in this area.

With a wide array of services and business solutions, Wet Earth is currently highlighting their Fog Cannon Dust Suppression Systems as the best solutions for airborne dust. Their website describes this product as “shown to suppress up to 95% of airborne dust particles,” the Fog Cannon creates a special mist that targets the tiniest dust particles for better control. This can prevent them from dispersing into the air and bring harm to living creatures in the area.

What makes the Fog Cannon special is that there are several models available. This gives clients options which to get for their business, as they have throw ranges from 30 to 500 meters suiting various needs and requirements. Every model is designed to efficiently perform their task through their automatic rotation of up to 270 degrees and adjustable elevation from 0 to 45 degrees. Water consumption can range from 15L/min to 6000L/min, depending on the model and the application required.

For businesses that require further efficiency, dust chemical can also be added into the water. Special formulation of the spray can help boost the Fog Cannon’s performance in suppressing airborne dust, ensuring effectiveness.

The Fog Cannon is ideally used for controlling dust in stockpiles, ships, demolitions, material handling, and a wide range of open mining activities. When selecting a model for one’s business, it’s best to consider the throw distance of the model, the amount of dust generated, and the atmospheric conditions of the site. These will ensure a good match for those looking for the best clean up solution for their open area work place.

Safe for explosive atmospheres and can be automatically operated with the help of remote control and camera, the Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System is one of the most innovative solutions for businesses that require easy and effective dust management. Units can be sold or rented out, making such products more easily accessible to companies of all sizes. Interested parties may contact Wet Earth for more information on the product.


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