Solar Water Heater Market in India


14th September 2016 – Navi Mumbai, India: Market Report on India present the latest report on “Solar Water Heater Market in India”, The solar water heaters industry is filled with large numbers of un-organized as well as organized manufacturers.

This report gives an in-depth analysis of solar water heater industry in India. The solar water heaters industry is filled with large numbers of un-organized as well as organized manufacturers. The market has shown immense growth potential resulting into the continuous improvement in the products by the organized as well as un-organized segment. The un-established business units enjoy more than half of the solar water heater market share, as they are able to offers the products at highly competitive price, which is almost half the price from organized segment. The major organized players in the segment are Emmvee, Anu Solar, Tata Solar, Racold, and V-Guard, which have significant share in the market, but the lions share in the segment is acquired by huge un-organized segment in the country.

The solar segment of the water heater market is firmly in the hands of Un-organized manufacturers or local manufacturers, reason being cheaper Chinese imports. The un-organized players takes the benefit of the price sensitive customers as the basic models they have to offer in the solar segment costs roughly around INR 8500 that is almost half the price as compared to the branded one that goes up to INR 15000. The established players in the segment are Emmvee, Anu Solar, Tata BP and V-Guard, which has little share in the market as compared to the local manufacturers. The electric water heaters is the dominant market as it comes with low ownership cost and lower maintenance, Solar waters have started picking up slowly due to the continuous efforts from the Government and increased awareness amongst the customers to opt for environment friendly products.

The solar water heaters are the driving technology in the water heater industry. With the depleting non-renewable in the world, the authorities are pushing the consumers to go solar. The government is also trying to convert the already installed water heaters to be converted to solar type water heaters. As the population is increasing, so is the demand for power leading to the consumption of more electricity. With the depletion of existing non-renewable, the renewable energy comes out to be the only solution. Therefore, it is expected that the market for the solar water heaters will lead the water heater market globally. The only factor that dents the solar segment is high cost of ownership from the organized market and lower quality from the un-organized market that in turn increases the maintenance cost. With innovations going in the industry, it will offer the bunch of products that will be able to cater the needs of the customers.

Key Product Type

  • Flat Plate Collector

• Evacuated Tube Collector

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