Landlord Certificates And What They Cover.


It doesn’t matter how many houses a landlord is responsible for the rules and regulations will be the same with regards to landlord certificates. The house should be well looked after and they will be responsible for repairs – there may be occasions where it will be acceptable to make a tenant pay for damage they have caused. Plumbing and heating services are important as not only will it be inconvenient if there are problems.


It could actually be dangerous for the people living in the house. If there are issues, they must be addressed and the cost is not an acceptable excuse. Landlord certificates need to be renewed every year and as this has been the case since 1996, it is not acceptable to say this was not known. This applies to any size property, even if it the one that they also live in- if there is a paying tenant then it is a must. All of the gas and heating appliances need to be tested and any problems found should be dealt with as a matter of interest. A certificate will be provided once all of the items are up to standard. It will be helpful if a landlord has a relationship with a company they trust and know will be there for them when they need it.


Throughout the year there could be problems that require plumbing and heating services and again a reliable company is a must. Boilers and radiators can break down at any time of the year and the tenant is going to expect a quick service. It will be ideal if there can be an agreement between the landlord and the company that will ensure all the business for the company in return for a promised 24 hour or at least next day service. If the trust is there, the tenant can work with the company directly but the landlord must know there will only be necessary work carried out.


Before providing the landlord certificates, the company will carry out a number of procedures. They will check all of the appliances and ensure there is no carbon monoxide present. Ventilation paths will be viewed and they will ensure there are no blockages. If there are dangerous gases involved they will be removed and the source will be identified and repaired or replaced. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is that these certificates are kept up to date and any work required is carried out.


It is amazing the number of things that can require the attention of plumbing and heating services. It is not just the obvious ones – boiler and radiators -but smaller things like taps and the shower. There are some houses that have very old pipes in them and keeping this is good condition is going to be vital to the security of the heating system. If the landlord carried out when the work is needed, so there should be no concerns about major repairs being needed later on.



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