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While foreign media in the interview EA chief producer Garreth Reeder message indicating when it’s really true, but he could not reveal more details about the game plus the team and stadium facts. That is the moment we do not know “Fifa Coins” demonstration Demo specifically including which often team; this time, we need to accomplish is sit around and wait EA announced for the official “FIFA 17 Coins” one more version.

All the uncertainty, all the players can’t resist for FIFA 17 test Demo expectations; but played FIFA 17 coins participants all know, the game will appear in FIFA 17 coins.

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Can not log, log on difficult problems and high latency; these are outside this service game is unavoidable, common solution is make use of an accelerator to play the experience.

Same as the FIFA 17 line, FIFA 17 Coins game can be achieved even if a high degree of reduction of reproduction Great operability, but the problems FIFA 17 Coins, FIFA 17 Coins same will exist. It is said in which FIFA 17 accelerator – odd travel accelerator might help FIFA17 demo version Tryout tripod Oh!

Qi Yu accelerator touch a key, the liberation of your current network! Perfect solution FIFA17 not necessarily log, log on difficult problems and delays higher, let you in on the FIFA 17 demo Demo arena contrary to the clock volley experience your thrill!

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